Whirlpool Dishwasher: fits deep bowls?

mariacentralcoastApril 14, 2012

I am having trouble finding a dishwasher that will fit several deep bowls, and I noticed the new top of the line Whirlpool dishwashers have "EZ Adjustable Tines" that slide left or right to fit dishes. Has anyone tried this feature and know if it will fit 6 or 8 deep bowls? I am not talking casserole pans or large serving plates. I have several deep bowls for soup, cereal, pasta, etc. I have taken these bowls to the appliance store and there is no way it will fit in Bosch, a few will fit in KitchenAid, but the bowls lean on each other. I am worried they will either chip by banging against each other or not wash well because the water cannot get in well.

Several Whirlpool models include this feature, but here are two model numbers: WDF780SLYM and WDT910SAYM

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So.....why, after multiple experiences of your physically observing no-go situations for your particular dishes, do you now expect cyber-observers to tell you? That's a kick!

If you're that concerned about the issue, you have only one alternative: Take your pans and bowls with you to the dealer and SEE FOR YOURSELF whether or not the cavity will accommodate your items. That's it. We can't see see them. Only you know what you need. You're on your own.

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