what brand of central vacuum do you have and do you really use it

cheerpeopleJuly 5, 2011

I have just bought a home with a broan-nutone system.

I have discovered the previous owner must have only used it on the main floor as I see it damaged the paint and woodwork on every corner on that floor.

( I bought a hose sock after seeing that!)

They did leave behind an extra non-electric hose which they must have only used in the garage as the hose isn't long enough to get the whole upstairs and there was no corner damage up there.

I was thinking about getting the system running up stairs but after trying and an air turbine head and finding it disappointing, and the hose not long enough, I have decided it is more affordable to purchased a hoover for the upstairs.

Just wondering for those of you with this system or any central vacuum, if you actually use it on more than one floor? If so have you bought a complete set for each floor or do you drag hoses and heads around from floor to floor?

Curious, Karen

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I had one in my last house and loved it. I didn't have a choice of brands - I could only have what the builder offered, and I can't remember the name off the top of my head.

Why can't you take the electric hose to the upper level? I moved the hose and head to the other floor as I needed it. I made a big loop of the 30 foot hose over my shoulder and then carried the head and handle in my hand.

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I'd never use a central vaccuum, because the only person I ever knew who had one hated it! She was my friend at work Betsy. Bought a very nice house with CV, says it worked lousy, very poor suction. She ended up buying a regular vacuum. But then that's me. If by chance I ever moved, I'd ask to try out the CV before signing a contract.

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When we bought our home we gutted it and renovated. It had a sad old CV so I immediately replaced it with a brand new BEAM system.

Great suction. However, having never lived with a CV I didn't realize how much I would hate it.

I absolutely hate lugging a 35' hose around. If you get it out for a major clean session that's one thing but with two small kids I need to vacuum messes all the time. The hose would live lying on my front hall.

After 10 years of this, I went out and purchased 2 Miele vacuums (one upright and one canister). I love my Mieles! They are small and easy to pull out and put away quickly. They have exceptional suction and the tools are excellent. Wouldn't trade them for anything right now.

After getting the Mieles I realized that the powerhead with my BEAM CV did not do nearly as nice of a job grooming my upstairs broadloom as the new Mieles do. BIG difference that is very noticeable.

If you do get a CV, I would invest in the best tools available.

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