Keeping clean behind file cabinets in office

catsoupJuly 2, 2009

I work in a county office. Myself and a co-worker have a cough while we are at work. There is carpet that is about 12 years old that is going to be removed and tile will be put down in it's place. We were moving the file cabinets out of the office today and oh my!! behind those file cabinets was horrible! Spider webs, dirt, dust. I wiped down the walls, swept, washed down walls. The office feels so much cleaner now, but after the file cabinets are put back in place it will be dirty again if left alone as it has been. I have considered having the file cabinets set on something that has rollers on it so I can roll them out for easy cleaning. Does anybody have any good tips to keep the area clean?

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I'm so disgusted anytime I move something away from a wall. When we had our kitchen floor re-done, the workers pulled the stove out from the corner. OMG, what a mess. Even though I scrupulously cleaned grease spatters I could see, the wall below the stove height was a mess! I cleaned it up but then the workers put the stove back,and it's been about 5 years, so I'm certain it's happened again! My MIL was very clean. From time to time, she would pull everything away from the walls so she could clean behind. Your idea to put the cabinets on wheels seems super! Let us now what you come up with!

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Buy a long crevice tool attachment for the vacuum cleaner. When the cabinets are put back in place, don't put them against the wall, leave a space large enough that the crevice tool will fit.

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Do what greywings suggested, AND put a solid board across the top of the cabinets to keep as much as possible from falling behind them.

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These are good ideas. There are 3 walls lined with cabinets probably 35 feet of cabinets altogether, so I couldn't reach behind them from one end with the crevice tool. I guess I could climb on top and clean from there. My co-worker and I are so allergic to the dust that gathers behind there. I hope we can keep it much cleaner after they are put back in place.

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Do the cabinets have to go against the wall? Can they sit 18-20 inches away from the wall? Or maybe make an island of cabinets in the middle of the room with groups of them butting back to back. Just thinking outside the box . . .

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I don't think there is room to make an island out of them. I did have them that way in the past, but I have since had to hire another person and the office was small already, so I put them against the wall to make room for the new employee. I will do some measuring on Monday to see if I might be able to do that. I didn't think about it getting so grungy behind them when I moved them.

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