Spilled dish soap

maialeeJuly 10, 2006

I was just finished refilling a ceramic soap dispenser with liquid Dawn and it slipped out of my hands and smashed all over the ceramic tile kitchen floor. I used my squeegee floor cleaner and got most of it up, but as much as I spread water and clean the rest of it, I can't get the floor clean. It's no longer slippery, but it's sticky and filmy now. Is there a magic potion to get all this soap off of the floor? Thanks!

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vinegar helps....and I have heard that salt does too.
I also know that fabric softener will knock down the suds...but don't know how hard that would be to clean up.
Maybe start with the fabric softener and end with vinegar?
Ewww! What a mess! I will try to remember to do that over the sink!
Linda C

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I agree, sprinkle it with salt. That will keep it from sudsing up.

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