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PurplemoonMay 16, 2011

My youngest son Jason reached a huge milestone recently, the 10th "anniversary" of nearly burning to death when his patrol car exploded. Phoenix literally took him to heart and has stayed interested, and involved, since that fateful day. So it was no surprise the TV news stations wanted to interview him, as well as our big newspaper. I wanted to share the paper's link with you, I'm SO proud of how far he's come, and all the good he's done and will continue doing for others.

In the news story, there's a (blue) link to photos of Jason's journey that they have taken along the way. (you will see that Jas at one time had prosthetic ears and nose, but it turned out he couldn't wear them afterall. The adhesive didn't take too well to his skin coupled with our horrendous summer heat. Jason tells people also that it tended to scare little children if an ear fell off. LOL.)

Anyway, if some of you have time and care to read about Jason and his 'fiery comeback', I hope you enjoy what was written as much as I have. The reporter did a great job.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Jason's Journey

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I read the story and now I'm sitting here at work with tears streaming. He is such an inspiration, which I know he would be, accident or no accident.

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Thank you, Karen...what a celebration of 10 yrs of life! (the "after" life) Jason is a topnotch "winner" & continues to help so many that are on a difficult journey. You are one blessed "Mama" to have Jason as one of your sons! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Karen. how proud of Jason you must be. His life is full, and he has found his purpose. I wish he was close enough to our area that all my kids and grandkids could meet him, and maybe realize what is really important in life . TFS Janet

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Karen, thank you..that is a wonderful story about Jason. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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Karen, so glad you shared this with all of us. It always brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of whats really important in our lives. You should be Proud of Jas and all he has done and gone through.


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Karen..I agree with what the others here have said...
Thank You for sharing 'Jason's Story'.
What an inspiration he is to others...for all he's gone through and all he's accomplished.
How proud you must be of him.

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Karen thank you for sharing Jason's Story with us again.
It is remarkable that he could go through such an ordeal and not become bitter.
He truly is an inspiration.

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That reporter sure did a nice write up, covering all the important details but also capturing his terrific attitude and desire to help others who may face similar problems.

Having been privledged to meet Jason when I visited Karen, I can tell you that you quickly accept his "looks" because his personality shines through and he is so comfortable with himself and others that he makes you feel that way too.

He may have had wonderful doctors, but he also had a very loving and supportive family giving him strength and the will to live.

You have every reason to be proud of him, Karen. He has endured so much yet kept such a positive outlook and that great sense of humor as well. There's no doubt that he will help many many others through sharing his experience.



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Thank you all. While Jas makes me swell with pride, you certainly make my heart swell with your beautiful thoughts.
I wish all of you could meet him in person and see that great smile and hear him laugh, as he makes you laugh. I never cease to be in awe of him with people.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, it is such a touching and inspirational story and I am so glad you shared it with the group.

I am still jealous over his 1 handicap for golf, LOL. No golf here for several days unless I want to be "swingin in the rain" sorry, couldn't resist, teehee.


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Oh Karen, thank you so much for sharing Jason's story. I have seen bits and pieces in the news over the years, but I found his speech and the "Beyond the Flames" site so inspiring and I learned so much more about his life and family. What strength and courage. Bless you.

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Bliz, thank you for 'following' Jas over the years. (I am letting him know about all the posts here too, I copy and save them).
His new site, Beyond the Flames isn't finished, tho most of it is I think. He's also trying to start a blog but hasn't really had time to devote to it yet.

Candy, Jason is going to Dallas this coming week for the Byron Nelson tournament. Not to play tho. His pro golf buddy, Ted Purdy, asked him to come caddy for him! Jas is so excited about it. That will be a first, him caddying instead of playing golf. LOL. I just hope Ted makes the cut and then maybe my DH and I will see Jason on TV during the tournament. Cross your fingers for us. ;o)

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Jason's site

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Hey, Karen, I got to see Jason on television yesterday at the golf tournament! They actually focused in on him and told some of his story as well. Sure hope you and your DH got to see it too.


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I saw Jason on the 18th hole on Thurs. I was working all day and then babysitting my 3 yr. old DGS last night, so the only thing I was able to see on TV was Thomas the Tank Engine.
My DH taped what was left of the 2nd airing, but it missed the commentary on Jason. He did tell me he heard the commentary listening to PGA satellite radio!!
I think Ted made the cut, so we are recording the Sat. & Sun. shows.

I also told everybody at our Pro Shop to watch for him, as we play the same course most of the time, and pretty much know everybody there.

I did read the internet coverage and Jason's comments that he will keep Ted loose and relaxed. Go Ted!!


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