Inherited Feather Pillows

dlspellmanJuly 27, 2009

I just inherited five nice feather pillows from my Grandmother's estate. They are nice and full, in clean ticking and obviously hardly used. BUT, they are quite musty smelling and have likely been stored since the 1950's or 60's based on the style of the ticking...

Any ideas on if they need professional cleaning given their age? Or is just a good airing out in the sunshine enough? Should I try a Febreeze or run them through the dryer with dryer sheets? Or what?

Any bits of advice welcome, I'd love to make them useable again - my whole family loves feather pillows.

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Give them a good tumble with a clean tennis shoe in the dryer on air...
If that doesn't work, take them to the big machines at the laundry and wash them....and be sure to dry them really really well.
Linda C

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Interesting. I have two big feather pillows of my mom's that are still packed away since 2004; I figured they are ruined by now. I am going to get them out and see what can be done with them. Thanks.

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Our grandmothers ( or maybe your great grandmother) washed pillows in an old washer....set the ringer to "wide", squeezed out some of the water, hung the pillows on the line in the sun and beat them now and then with a rug beater. Then turned them and hung them with the bottom up and repeated....
If there were enough dry days the pillows fluffed nicely.
How lucky we are to have front load washers and large capacity driers.
Linda C

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I think everything you mention sounds good. i would give them sunshine and a dryer sheet before I sprayed the febreeze, though.

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I too was thinking sunshine. I was watching a 1951 Italian movie on DVD last night. A woman cleaning a bachelor pad scolded the men for not putting their bedding out in the sun.

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