cancer warning on kitchenaid dw

kickballApril 6, 2013

New kitchenaid dishwasher manual has warnings for chemicals that could cause cancer and birth defects ....WHY?? This warning was not on display in store and not mentioned at sale. Do all dishwashers have this warning??? Am very concerned...

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Petroleum based products used in manufacturing plus finishes who knows the culprit here

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Lawyers cause cancer, not dishwashers :-), I know nothing about this warning but I'm sure it's some kind of cover your a$$ thing that the lawyers put there to limit liability.

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From what little I can find on the web, it's not the DW itself, it's hot chlorinated water, chemicals in detergents, and heating plastic dishes - sounds like it would be an issue with any DW.

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You must not live in CA. Here in CA, we have this insane piece of legislation called "Proposition 65" that mandates warning labels on anything and everything that contains - or even might possibly contain - any chemical that has ever been shown to have a cancer risk, even if it was a tiny, tiny risk. As a result, everything here, including buildings has these dumb labels on saying something like "This building may contain chemicals that the State of California has determined increase the risk of cancer." Since the labels are absolutely everywhere, no-one pays any attention to them anymore, so all they do is cost money and clutter the place up without achieving anything positive whatsoever.

We can't even blame politicians for this nonsense - this was a voter-created ballot measure.

Bottom line: you have nothing to worry about; don't give it another second's thought.

Here is a link that might be useful: CA prop 65 on Wikipedia

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Well I would say pay heed then let reason guide you for one ceramics can be glazed with lead shown to pose some risk.

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I'm wondering if all dishwashers come with warning now or if there is something actually in the Kitchenaid that warrants this warning

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No need to think like Chicken Little - the sky is not falling.

One of the best-known anti-carcinogenic vegetables is broccoli. Know what else it contains? Natural carcinogens.

Kitchenaid has likely just chosen to place the label on all of its dishwashers instead of just those that go to California.

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In CA, everything from vegetables to underwear contains this warning message, and as caliente states, so does every building you walk in to...

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Cabinet makers in CA are required to include the same wording on their proposals regarding the materials and glue that are used in the mfg.

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wow, CA requires this kind of labeling and yet the voters defeated the proposition to label genetically modified food - very strange...

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Not really strange weissman.
Of the 50 States, we are probably #1 in dumb laws!

When you have a "1 party state", only one type of thinking gets into our laws here.

Witness the Calif law about energy efficient lighting (Prop 24).

Feds have their own version and was thought out and voted on by both Parties, yet Calif had to have their own law, 2 years ahead of the Feds. What that did was send all light bulb business to "China" (Flourescents). LED's (which some are made in the US), were not ready for "Prime Time" yet and were pretty expensive a couple of years ago.

Now we have folks complaining about CFL's in cans burning out prematurely (Kitchens) and some complain about the quality of light CFL's give out and most aren't dimmable.
(Those poor folks get to "Do it again" with the kitchen lights")
due to our "Know it all, one party system here"!

Today, LED's are more affordable, are dimmable, and if you look at the "Lighting Forum", most folks seem to be happy with LED's.

So, unfortunately, just "Normal operation", dumb laws in Calif!!


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Unfortunately, Progressivism, and the socialisms it spawns, including Soviet, National, Italian, Fabian, Maoist, etc., have as a core belief that a central authority is better able to control economies, allocate resources, perform health care, run industries, and even control one's spare time* than are individuals operating as free people. Once enough voters sign on to the perceived benefits of having Big Brother take over their lives, then the usual historical result (particularly evident in the 20th Century) should be expected. Or as Maggie Thatcher once quipped, eventually they run out of other peoples' money. At that point the citizens are more impoverished than they were before, but here, at least, they will still have their nostalgic cancer warnings.


*F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

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Talk now seems to be more about state of california, but it is odd that maytag and whirlpool (both made by Kitchenaid) do not have the same warnings. Could it be something the racks are made out of -something different from other brands??

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Let cut the ranting SOT.

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I think contacting KA would give you at least some info.0

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I don't see it having as much to do with socialism as just plain fear and stupidity which leads to legislating conformity. Plenty of that to go around these days. And dear old California, my native state, now spawns a news story when any celebrity, no matter how obscure, gets pregnant.

Save us from all this nonsense please! On the right coast here, we just smile and ignore it when they try to legislate the size of soda cups, or which light bulbs to use. Oy.

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thanks jolb57...that's what I'm doing...waiting for a response

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My current understanding is that some Kitchen Aide dishwashers are manufactured with small amounts of polycarbonate resins.

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OP please write us an exact copy of the language to which you are referring.---that ka dishwashers cause cancer. is it possible that the op read it wrong?

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It is the standard warning placed on nearly every single manufactured item since California passed Prop 65. It requires that if a product may contain, in ANY AMOUNT (even undetectable amounts), any material on a list of around 800 chemicals, the warning label must be placed on the product. For example, the caramel color in Coke and Pepsi would have required the label even though, according to the FDA, it would have taken more than 1000 cans per day to reach a dose shown to potentially lead to cancer in mice. Coke and Pepsi changed their color ingredient to avoid the label.

Aside from that, this is a two-year-old thread. Do you really think the OP still has the label? Just go look on nearly any product and read it for yourself, or if you don't wish to put forth any effort at all, google it.

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