Memorial Day Table

kathleen_liMay 30, 2011

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday weekend!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Lovely Memorial t'scape, kathleen! Your "summer" season looks so beautiful...TFS those pics. And added your friend, Capt Meyers, to prayer list...yes, Memorial Day seems such a sad day when we remember our loved ones but it is also such a soulful reminder of those living who sacrifice their lives for our freedom every single day. So, TFS your 'cheerful' RW&B table!

Esp love the covered bowls for your chowder ...the blue stemware, the braided placemats (doubled) & napkin pattern. Adorable place setting plates & stars!

And the pie, OMgosh, scruptious (sp?)! Never have seen a cherry pitter like that one. TFS, kathleen! Jeanne S.

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Thank you, Jeanne! You are so kind!
Yes, I am very grateful to be retired in such a beautiful place. Being able to walk to the bay is a blessing, well, maybe not in winter! :)

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Kathleen, these are the tables I was trying to comment on...with no luck.
I hope the problem has cleared up since then.

What a wonderful way to commemorate Memorial Day
with your lovely tables of colorful linens and pretty dishes.
Your tables are always 'winners' in my book!

May God Bless ALL those who served and are serving now, for their sacrifices to keep us safe...


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Your table is just lovely and honors our military so well.

Memorial Day always makes me feel a bit teary and emotional. I will keep your Capt Myers in my prayers. I hate he's returning for a THIRD time, and with a new baby.
One tour in Afghanistan or Iraq is more than enough IMO.
Actually none...I want all our troops home.

I'm glad winter finally ended for you, and now you can enjoy your beautiful gardens and the beach. Wish I was there, LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Kathleen, beautiful table and tribute for Memorial Day. You put so much into this post and I hope you know how much we enjoy you sharing all of it. I will be praying for all in need.

Your pie looks wonderful!


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Kathleen, Your table is lovely, as usual.
I'm sorry your friend is being deployed again.
I'll keep him and his family in my prayers.

You live in such a beautiful area!!

The pie looks fantastic!!

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I looked yesterday but didn't get back over here to comment. As always, your table looks so pretty and inviting, and I also loved seeing your pretty flowers are already starting to bloom. You have the most gorgeous hydrangeas. We are so blessed that we have such dedicated military men like your friend--doing above and beyond what is expected. Really have to thank his family for being so supportive and carrying on at home while he is deployed too. God bless them all.


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Thanks, Jane, Karen, Punk, Nana and Luvs for taking the time to look and leave a comment.
Where are all the Holidayers? Seems like there are very few of us left from a few years ago!

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