Stains on patio furniture vinyl straps

geniejanJuly 7, 2010

Does anyone know of a good product or method for cleaning the brown and yellow stains on vinyl straps that have been exposed to the sun and elements?

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Yes I do.
I have 2 metal lawn chairs with vinyl white and green strapping. Part of a set I bought over 20 years ago. The chairs were fine but the plastic straps were disgusting. I debated on whether to throw them out but couldn't see throwing out 2 perfectly good chairs.

Last spring I bought a bottle Lestoil. It was something we used on our trailer to get rid of the grime. I used it right out of the bottle--just put some on a wet rag and attacked them. You wouldn't believe how clean they came. I rinsed them off with the hose and voila--2 extra lawn chairs that I wouldn't be ashamed to have anyone sit in.

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Where can I buy Lestoil? Is this something sold at Home Depot or in Wal Mart? Currently I have been using brillo pads and even hard, vigorous scrubbing hardly has any affect on the stains.

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I'm from Canada and I've bought it at our grocery and Walmart, but maybe they don't sell it in those stores in the States. It is made by Clorox. I have seen it on E-Bay.

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