Miele Warranty on USA products in Canada

bobzorunkleApril 11, 2010

We're thinking of purchasing a pair of Miele Ovens (30" Masterchef and SpeedOven) and perhaps the Coffe Machine. If purchased in Canada, they would cost about $15K. If purchased in the US, they would be about $10K.

Two questions: (1) Has anyone done this and can we get warranty coverage in Canada?

(2) Are these appliances reliable enough to "self-insure" using the monies we saved on the purchase?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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Go to bottom of Appliances forum first page (thread titles list) and enter Canada in the search box, click on "Search".

All shall be revealed.

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Thanks laat2. I had seen that thread, but hadn't followed it into the November post. It doesn't look however, that anyone has actually had an experience with importing to Canada from the US. Smileycanuck talked about trying it and contacting the Canadian office, but didn't follow-up. Has anyone actually tried to get Canadian warranty work done on a Miele appliance purchased in the US? And if so, was it straightforward or did they have to go through hoops?


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I am trying to figure out something similar except with a dishwasher and this is the answer to my question when I e-mailed Miele to ask if the prices were coming down since our Canadian dollar is so strong and also about warranty if purchased in the States:

"Unfortunately the dishwashers will not be coming down in price. What matters is the price (Euro dollar) we bought the appliances (much higher) not the currant exchange rate.

Miele Canada is not obligated to honor warranties from purchases made out side of Canada. Each subsidiary runs as it's own company. It is the responsibility of that subsidiary to handle the sales/service of that country. Sales obtained by the subsidiary go to support the product and services of that country."

Don't know if this helped you any but thought I would let you know.

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I am also looking at purchasing Miele products in US.

There are duties on German appliances imported into Canada. In my case, the American retailer will absorb the duties and transportation costs. I will still be responsible for GST and PST. I will end up with a savings of approx 30% for products delivered to Vancouver. It appears Ontario residents may be able to save more.

Based on my conversation with Miele Canada, there were non-commital about warranty for Miele products purchased in US. However, when pushed, it appears that they concede that they will serviced the product. If I am incorrect, my thoughts are that 30% savings will pay for a lot of repairs. However, Miele products are generally reliable and believe that I will not need any repairs. Moreover, since my purchase will be made with a credit card (i have the addional safety of the credit card purhase protection plan) another option will have the appliance fixed thru my the credit card's insurance plan. You may want to review any insurance coverage thru your credit card carefully.

Good luck in your purchase.

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This is a response I got from Miele on the same issue. Looks to me like the savings are worth it. I'm not so sure I'd buy the extended warranty on my appliances anyway as it seems so expensive.

Thank you for taking the time to write and for your interest in Miele.

It is true that we will honor the manufacturing warranty on the appliances but no extended warranty can be purchased. And if there is a problem with the unit where we cannot fix the unit, no replacement will be done by Miele Canada.

I hope this will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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I have a question for cfl122. It's been 3 years since you brought your Miele. How has it worked out? Have you needed any service repairs? I am also in Vancouver and would like to buy a couple of Miele appliances across the border, but when I contacted the closest retailer, they refused to sell it to me because I am Canadian. Would you be able to share the info on the retailer you used, as they were so kind as to absorb the duties and transportation expenses as well! Not sure if you'd rather email me directly?

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