What % of extra tile flooring do you typically order?

threeapplesMarch 20, 2012

Our marble vendor is suggesting 10% extra and my husband thinks this is excessive. Any thoughts? If it helps, this is antiqued marble tile so, if something happens to some of it, it's not something we can just easily purchase at a brick-and-mortar store somewhere. thanks!

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I've been building and renoing for 30 years and that's my rule of thumb too. Even expert tilelayers make bad cuts, marble shatters the wrong way, some pieces are unattractive, and installed tiles chip and crack. I'd rather have 10 extra pieces than be running around trying to find an impossible to match replacement. When I've really had too much, I've always used them up on other small jobs--as sink tops, for built in bars, cut into accents for other tilework.

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It depends on the pattern too. 10% is generally a good number, but if you have a pattern that requires a lot of edge cuts where you can't use the left over tile for another piece to fit then you might need more.

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We are using plank tiles in 2 different lengths and the tile store suggested 15%. I just had to order 18 more boxes of the longer length.

I wish the owners of the first house we owned had kept extra marble tiles. We updated the 15 year old tub faucets and the plumber had to break some of the tiles. I spent hours going to different tile shops and stone yards trying to find marble to match 15 year old tiles. It was a pain. I found something that was close enough, but not perfect.

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