smelly furniture

earthieJuly 24, 2008

I have a older crushed velvet sectional. There is a "not fresh" smell that envelopes you when you sit on it. Some mixture of sweat and possibly old cat smells. I've tried steaming and Febreeze. Hasn't touched it.

Is there a way to freshen this up without calling in a professional or replacing all the stuffing?

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Make a trip to Wal-mart or Oreilly Auto and go to the automotive section look for Ozium original scent. This stuff is over powering even in the tiny little can but it eats odor like it is going out of style. Spray the sectional down and don't forget the underside and back which I would give a good spraying. The original scent has a very clean smell that will face away after a few days and take the odor with it. you will be amazed. There are other scents available but the original is the most effective against obnoxious odors like smoke and animal odors.

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