cooked-on crust on porcelain stovetop

wordfoolJuly 14, 2008

I am hoping someone has a suggestions how to remove extremely hard, cooked-on black crusty stuff from a porcelain-coated range top (below the burner grates). Ammonia won't touch it, plastic scrapers won't touch it, and I'm loathed to spray oven cleaner everywhere for fear of dulling the surface (it probably won't work anyway based on past experience).

This black stuff is rock hard and all the cleaning solutions I've tried merely soften the surface of it. We just bought the range (a Viking) used and I imagine the gunk has been happily baking there for years. The only way I've found to get it off is very carefully using the tip of a flat-head screwdriver but, as you can imagine, this is not the speediest method.

Any other hints?

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I would try a razor blade paint scraper....VERY carefully!
And I would try oven cleaner and cover it with plastic and let it sit over night....carefully protect any metal though.
Linda C

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I wouldn't use oven cleaner because you risk damaging the surface. I think you should put clear ammonia full strength or any grease-fighting detergent full strength on the caked on guck and cover it with Saran wrap overnight, and then carefully scrape off the stuff that softened with a one-sided razor blade of the type used to scrape paint off windows. It will be slow going, but if you're persistent you'll eventually get it clean.

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Your dealing with carbon. There is a product called Sokoff. It is sold through Home Trends. 1-800-810-2340 or This stuff works great and I use it to clean my BBQ grill at the end of season. It takes the interior of the grill box down to the bare metal. Use a natural bristle paint brush as the plastic ones will melt. Pour it into a glass bowl as the first time I used it I put it in a Cool Whip bowl and the bottom melted out. This is nasty stuff and will burn U to the bone if U get it on your skin. Wear gloves and U will be fine. U can use this on the original Teflon Bakeware to remove all of that nasty, brown sticky stuff but not on Silverstone. It won't hurt your stove.

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Don't waster your $ on the one by Scotch Bright. Its made for daily easy stuff.
Though my kids like this little kit and they feel they are cleaning ;)

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