Anyone seen a 36' microwave & vent over a gas cooktop?

janjan212April 27, 2012

Has anyone seen this? I currently have a gas cooktop, 36" with a vent hood. I really want 2 ovens and a microwave and this *brilliant* idea ..."put a large micro above the cooktop" and get the 2 ovens.

I've never seen it, not sure if it would even look right. I looked up 36" microwaves, but it looked like a smaller one with a bunch of trim.

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.....I kept correcting that to say 36" not 36' .....LOL But it would not take.

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Are you seriously saying you want to downgrade from a real hood to an over the range micro "vent"? Not convinced that is what you are saying so perhaps you can clarify to others can input. Good luck! Tina

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Tina... What I want is a perfect solution where there is none. I'm just trying to cover the options. Seems no matter what I think of, there is always someone (including myself) telling me why it's not a good idea. I thought the Wall Oven/Speed Oven would be the answer-- people tell me that the speed oven really isn't the same as having a 2nd oven and that I will end up using it mostly as a microwave anyway. A waste of big bucks. Then I'm told to do a convection microwave with a trim kit for much less, but that is even less like a 2nd oven. How about putting a double wall oven AND a micro all on one wall. Well, being 5'2 I won't be able to comfortably use the micro, AND I lose valued cabinet real estate. Next idea is 2 wall ovens and a countertop microwave....but there really isn't a great spot in the general work area to do that.

So now this idea pops into my head. Is it *brillant*? No...hence the sarcasm. I don't really want a microwave replacing my vent hood (albeit it's nothing grandiose) but I'd like to add it to the list of poor options if it does exist.

It's so frustrating, seeing all these great spaces, and I want to do something seemingly so simple and have the hardest time! *Whines some more*

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I see what you are asking now and I hear you on no perfect solution - I had no room in my kitchen for a second oven. However, I would never give up proper overhead ventilation above my range. I do not have a speed oven; however, all I have heard about the Miele one makes me think it would be a great unit. I do not see why it would not be good as a second oven - is that not what it is for? An oven and a micro combined? I am hoping speed oven people here will be able to come to help you! Good luck!

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I am putting in a 48'' CC range and hood, and a 30'' Advantium oven. The speedoven is going in the one of the upper cabinets near the range but far enough away that two can cook without getting in each other's way. It will have the 'over the range vent' which I will use when using counter-top appliances.

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Have you checked out the Breville Smart Oven? It's a countertop toaster oven that also bakes, roasts, etc. I use mine all the time. I've amazed myself with how much I can cook in that small space and it holds a nice even temperature. Here are some of the things I cook in it:
Homemade pizza
Roasted split chicken breast on the bone (usually 3-4 at a time)
Pork roast
Butternut Squash
Roasted veggies
and on and on and on....

Here is a link that might be useful: Breville Smart Oven

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