Is this bag of grout still good?

dedtiredApril 19, 2013

Also posted this in the Flooring Forum.

I have an unopened 25 pound bag of sanded grout left over from a bathroom reno. It's been in a detached, unheated garage for two years. I normally do not store anything in there that may be harmed by dampness. The bag has never actually gotten wet.

When I squeeze the bag it is soft. Do you think it's still good? I can offer it for sale for a few bucks on a local yard sale page if it is.

What do you think?

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Shelf life of cementitious grout is usually one year. And that's under ideal conditions.

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Okay -- good bye grout.

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You might want to save it for repairs or as a reference for a new bag for repairs.

You can always mix up a small portion when needed and make wire it still hardens and the color is acceptable.

It probably has about zero value to anyone else, but might come in very handy for you.

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