How to get rid of wool moths?

linnea56July 18, 2012

I pulled back a hand-woven wool kilim rug, and found some kind of wool moth had eaten away the threads in several patches. The end that was affected was under a heavy chair, which is why I guess I never noticed this.

I have a lot of handwoven wool rugs. Not to mention wool clothing and blankets.

How can I eliminate these pests? The old fashioned solution was moth balls, but this is a bedroom: I wouldn't want anyone to be breathing the fumes. I had clothes moths in my closet one year, and bought cedar blocks, which did nothing.

Thanks for your help!

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I started with Hot Shot kitchen bug killer and followed it up with a bug bomb. I think the Hot Shot killed them, the bomb was just for insurance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot Shot Kitchen Bug Killer

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Most likely "carpet beetles" ate the wool rug. The beetles will bury themselves down in the carpet.

You might get rid of the beetles by spraying carpet with "Fuller Brush Moth Spray" and also hanging Fuller Brush moth blocks in closets.

If it is carpet beetles, they are now all over your house especially in clothes closets. You would be wise to have the house exterminated or set off bug bombs in all rooms and attic.

NO I HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH FULLER BRUSH, I learned the hard way what would work (my MIL's house was heavily infested). The Fuller Brush moth cakes that come in the pink box does not cause your clothes to stink, they air out immediately.

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