Help Deciding on Counter-Depth Refrigerator Under $2000

oksir83April 24, 2013

Right now we are trying to decide between two refrigerator models. Our criteria are stainless, counter-depth and no water filter or ice on the door. We would also like to keep our purchase price under $2000. We have narrowed it down to the LG LFC21776ST ($1900) and the Electrolux EI23BC30KS ($1650). Both appear to have similar features, but right now with rebates and promotions, we can save about $250 by purchasing the Electorlux. Any thoughts on the reliability of each of these models or alternatives we should consider? Both seem to get solid reviews, although the LG seems to be more popular with online reviewers. Thanks in advance!

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If you go by JD Power and Consumer Reports the Elux has an overall better reliability record.

The only area of concern for Elux fridges is ice dispensers and cylinder shaped ice maker. This model has neither of those. I like the Elux lighting, drawers, and overall design better. Plus I like the Elux closing mechanism on the French doors better too. Given the cheaper price IMO it is a no brainer.

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Cannot help with choices but make sure you can get service. Some brands service certain areas better than others.

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I bought Frigidaire. When I put the trim kit on, I noticed that the directions were for Electrolux. I guess Electrolux makes Frigidaire.

Mine has been running about 2 weeks . Peke

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Here is my all frig and all freezer. Both were just a little over $2000.00 with tax. I will see if I can find the inside pictures.

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Peke, i'm planning on using the same fridge/freezer units in my pantry. . . but have been quoted about $3000.00. Would you mind sharing where you got such a great deal?
Thanks, riveroakgirl

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I was buying refrigerator, freezer, compactor, dishwasher, BS range top, and American hybrid double oven. So that carries a lot of weight when you buy everything at once.

A local appliance dealer had a price on them for $1173.00 each. I called an online place that people recommend here. I asked about the exact same models. They asked what my other price was and I told them. They gave me a better price, but I told them I was buying locally and they lowered their amount even more.

Then I went back to local store and showed them the online price. They called the guy I spoke to online and verified the price he gave me.

I reminded them that I would not have to pay shipping or tax and that the online company would give me white glove service for under $100.00 and would bring all appliances into the house.

They beat the price even more. Everything was lowered but the Bosch dishwasher. The frig/freezer combo was then $1034.00 each.

It sort of just accidentally happened at first. I never dreamed the online store's price would be beaten by the local store. When I told the local store about the online price, I just thought they would match it. ðÂÂÂ

Do your homework and make sure they have the exact appliances. Makes you wonder what the markup really is doesn't it? I know they only made $500.00 off the hybrid oven. Peke

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I forgot to mention that the trim kit was $250.00 extra.

I bought them in Oklahoma if you are close.

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by oksir83 :

If you haven't already purchased, I'm with deeageaux on suggesting the Electrolux over the LG and agree with eleena's comment about checking on service availability and quality.

In addition to what they said, I'll add three more things to ponder.

1. Price: I checked out the Electrolux model when I was fridge shopping last fall, and the lowest price I found was $2200. Since then, some sellers, such as AJ Madison, have been discounting it (although you have to put it in a cart to see the discounted price at the on-line sites.) Also, I think Electrolux is running some kind of promotional rebate, too. If I could have purchased this fridge for $1650, I would have purchased it rather than the standard depth KitchenAid FD that I wound up with.

2. There is a lot to like about the LG fridges but, unfortunately, the company has the highest defect rate in the industry and the warranty service does not have a good reputation.

This has been going on for several years. When GE was outsourcing its fridges from LG (basically, prior to last July when GE opened its new fridge plant in Kentucky), the defect rate for both FD fridges branded as LG and GE was up around 25% according to the membership surveys results in Consumer Reports. LG also was the source for a lot of Kenmore fridges, too, and Kenmore's defect rate went up a lot too. According to last year's CR survey, the problem rate was down to 16%. If you check at, you'll find a very long list of complaints about LG warranty service. (LG's conventional top-freezer fridges have 10% defect rate, which is a little higher than industry averages but more manageable.)

To put this a little differently, if you are one of the 84% of LG customers who do not have a problem, you will likely be very pleased with the fridge. If you are one of the 16% who get a lemon, you will be very dissatisfied.

3. Curiously, Electrolux/Frigidaire fridges have dropped off the reliability radar screen. Apparently, not enough CR members are buying Elux-made fridges and reporting back to CR, so CR does not have enough responses to generate a listing in the survey report.

4. CR's appliance testing department reports (different than the surveys) has gives the E-lux fridges lower ratings than the LGs because they feel the Elux models are less energy efficient and not as easy to use. However, when I checked out the fridges last fall, I concluded that there are elements of subjectivity here and that actual differences seemed pretty small. CR's ease of use rating seems particularly subjective to me. Some of this rating is the size of the door bins. That strikes me as personal preference: big door bins may be important to some and unimportant to others (like me). On the energy ratings, I found the differences between highly rated and mid-pack units to amount to maybe $8-$15 per year in my area.

Hope this helps.

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Can you let me know what store or online retailer you saw the Electrolux EI23BC300KS refrigerator for $1,650. I checked AJ Madison and there price was $2,200 but there was a rebate but it was still more than the $1,650 you paid.

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Go back to the AJ Madison site and click on "add to cart." The next screen will tell you that the price is something like $1875 and below that will be a notation about a rebate from Electrolux that will reduce the price to $1650...

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Peke, you did some hefty bargaining....and it worked! I guess I've been a bit timid in that department so far. You mentioned you are in Oklahoma. I'm in California. But I like your tip about the online comparison shopping. I'll have to do some more homework and see if we can whittle some prices!

BTW, I followed some of your earlier posts about vent hoods...they were very helpful! Do you have all of your appliance in hand?


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riveroakgirl, we have everything but the countertop, new window, and island. It took me forever to make up my mind about what to buy. Then it took forever to find the best price. I waited and waited. Sometimes the prices went down.

By the way, when you order your vent hood don't forget to order the "extras" that go with it so you can vent it. My plumber said he would make the pieces. When he went to install it, he asked where the pieces I ordered them. Should be here next week.

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Based on the recommendations above, I just ordered the Electrolux. I am thrilled to have as large a CD as possible for $1647 out the door cost!

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Legal- I have elux and love it - although no ice through the door. It is a nice fridge. I love the glides on the drawers.
I couldn't tell from above if you were going all fridge or a fridge/freezer combo. If combo- the only annoying feature on the fridge is to use the left drawer, you need to open both doors.

At the time we bought ours(3-4) years ago, the LG used gasket seals and CR and others were finding they leaked in time.

You will love your elux. I have so much less wasted food as things keep much longer.

Enjoy :-)

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Peke, have you been using your frigidaire fridge/freezer? Do you like it?

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I am very intrigued by the frigidaire all-refrig and all-freezer combo. They would fit into the kitchen remodel plans, but I would give up much of my food storage. So - is it practical to think I could store all my grains, flour, spices, etc, in these large units, and live with less room-temperature storage?

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s it practical to think I could store all my grains, flour, spices, etc, in these large units, and live with less room-temperature storage

This is the first I've ever heard of anyone giving up cabinet space to get a bigger refrigerator and freezer that they don't even need!

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Just went to the electroluxlink n the ref freezer combo was 2749. Where are you finding 1650? Thanks Jenn

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Hmm... This is an interesting alternative... Except these manufacturers seem to redefine the depth of counter-depth. Or is counter-depth different than built-in depth? Forgive me if I am being ignorant as this is my first time shopping for built-in refrigerators.

I am shocked by the cost fro sub-zero. And from what I can tell these lower cost counter-depth products are 26.5 inches as opposed to the 24-inch depth of the built-ins.

BTW, I see the Electrolux EI23BC30KS at Plesser's with ten year warranty for $1,949.

I wonder which online retailer Peke was referring to?

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