OT where's Punk?

nana2010_gwMay 20, 2013

I know everyone is busy this time of year but it seems that Punk has been MIA for a while now. has anyone heard from her?

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Thanks for this post Nana...You know...she's been on my mind too. I've been so busy here and haven't had the chance to contact her.
It's not like her to be away so long. The last I heard from her was in April on FB...I hope all is well.
I'm going to drop her an email to see what's up..
Praying all is okay.

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Everyone seems to be MIA ... myself included ... busy outside right now w/late spring ... porch decor STILL not touched ... oh well, one day. Thanks, nana...punk, where are you, girl? ;-) Jeanne S. & Hi, Jane!

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Hi All...
Just heard from Punk...I had emailed her a few wks ago, and was about to send out 'the posse' b/c she didn't respond...However, she did today and thank God all is okay.
Seems she's selling her business and getting ready to
open up another. So she's been running ragged (more than usual) with so many matters to take care of.
Other than that..which is plenty...she's okay! That's all I wanted to know..that she was okay.
I'm sure when she's all caught up with things...she'll be back with us again.

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Thanks, Jane, for the update! Jeanne S.

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Thanks Jane, I so glad to learn that everything is OK.
She sure is the "Energizer Bunny".

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