charlies soap in carpet cleaning machine?

blue_velvet_elvisJuly 19, 2008

CharlieÂs Soap All-Purpose may be used in carpet cleaners such as the ones available for rent at grocery stores. But, be sure to *use no more than half the amount of cleaner recommended* by the manufacturer. CharlieÂs Soap All-Purpose is currently being used with professional carpet cleaners.

I'm not sure how to interpet that. Isn't the amount to use on the bottle of carpet shampoo? Does it mean to dilute it?

Has anyone tried this?

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I would guess they are suggesting you dilute it. I have not used it, nor have I ever heard of it.

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Charlies Soap is a powder. The package says to use one tablespoon per washload. It has to be mixed with water. I have only used it for laundry. I don't know if it can be used for household cleaning.

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I have used the Charlies All purpose cleaner in my carpet machine. Works well. my carpet machine has a cap that goes on the detergent dispenser with a line for filling with cleaner. just fill it halfway and it is fine.
And the all purpose cleaner is not the laundry detergent. Check the website, he has laundry detergent,in powder and liquid. The all purpose cleaner is a seperate product. Great for pretreating laundry, and it cleans anything that is washable.

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