Frozen chicken packaging: odors!

lindacoJuly 27, 2008

Hi all,

When I buy packaged chicken breasts, then after opening the package, well the plastic tray and cellophane wrap do smell OK but the thick paper above the tray and under the meat is always soaked in fat and stinks right through 6 layers of Ziplock bags! Although it takes a day for smell to begin.

Even outside in the trash barrel it smells up the back yard. Awful!

Any way to kill the odor before the garbage man comes around again?

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Freeze the package until the night you put out the trsh. that is what we do and we never have ordors.

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I always squeeze, rinse, squeeze that layer then toss the whole mess into plastic grocery bag, tie and toss. It never smells when chicken is fresh, only when I've forgotten it for a few days too long in fridge.

I'm really careful about sealing things up in outside garbage can. Can't remember why, but we got maggots in can once and I never want to deal with that again. Sandy

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