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mawarosie82July 6, 2012

This is for brand new carpet.(one week old) My grandson left his gym bag on the floor and in it was a bottle of shampoo. Somehow the top came off and the shampoo leaked out of the bag onto the carpet. Would you believe blue shampoo? I can't get it out all tries only makes it foam. The stain is lighter but still there. Tried blotting first then plain water. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Also, anyone use a hand held carpet cleaner for spot cleaning.

Thank you.

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It will take patience but you can get it out. After scooping up as much shampoo as possible, mist wet with plain water and then blot with paper towels or a regular old bath towel. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, etc. Stand on the towels to help squeeze as much as possible out of carpet ad into the towels.

You can sprinkle area with salt to help control suds. DO NOT scrub the area, that will wear out the carpet.

Do not use carpet "cleaners" they will add to the problem.

PLAIN water only.

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I agree, soak with plain cool water, cover with a white cotton towel, weigh down with something heavy-bricks or cement blocks if possible. The towel will absorb everything. It may require several treatments, but it will come out. Trust me, been there,done that. I had a bottle of liquid Tide with bleach tip over and leak inside my car. (I couldn't get the floor matts up.) This did work for me.

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Thanks for the advice. It's working, repeat and repeat.

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I think shampoos have oil in them. If you can afford it I would have a professional come in to clean the spot. I think they can get deeper and suck it out better than we can. Someone spilled a sweet drink at our house, I didn't know at that time nothing I could have done would get it out. By the time I figured that out, it was to late. The drink was almost all concentrated lemonade. The spot looked okay after I cleaned it but later it collected dirt and dust.

My son initiated our new carpet with grape juice. It wasn't his fault, he upchucked it. LOL At that time I always bought dark carpet so it didn't show.

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First remove the shampoo as much as you can, without adding water in it. Use spoon or dustpan to scrape the shampoo.
After scraping, with the help of paper towel, continue blotting the stain until it is completely absorbed with no shampoo content on the carpet. Then use dry vacuum to remove shampoo that may have soaked by the carpet.
Spray the area with water and again use vacuum to remove the water as well as remaining shampoo. If suds are there then sprinkle salt in it.
If all the shampoo is removed use paper towel to remove any moisture and allow your carpet to get dry.

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Try to apply a paste of baking soda and lemon juice on the spot.Wipe it sing dampened sponge, after it gets completely dried. Repeat this process twice for better results.

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