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KS.farms_cooksJuly 28, 2012

Help! - I was cooking a chocolate sauce in my stainless steel pan, thought I shut the stove off and left the house for 2 hours. I had put the lid on the pan, so I was fortunate I didn't burn the house down. When I came home, the house was full of smoke, the smoke alarm was going off. I've been able to get rid of the smoke smell in the house, now can I save my pan? It was like a disk of charcoal in the pan. Do I just keep trying to scour out the pan or does anyone have any pointers for me.

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Buy some cheap generic "Sudsy Ammonia" at your local grocery store. Pour it undiluted in the pot and put the lid on. Let it sit untouched for 24 hours, you'll find the black stuff wuill easily come out. Use Brillo or similar. I've burned many stainless steel and aluminum pots and this always works. Don't scrub with Brillo if it's treated with non-stick coating.

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Slice a lemon and rub the pan with it. Then leave the pan for 30 minutes in a tub full of warm water and vinegar solution. After that clean it with normal dish washing detergent or liquid. This will help you in a great way.

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