Sebo Felix or Miele S7 Swing?

andreaintxJuly 26, 2012

I have now burned up the second Bissell in 4 years. We have a dog and I don't think they are great for pets, IMHO. I am looking at a bag vacuum as even when I empty the container outside, I still get dust in my face. I'm wanting a good vacuum and not a "disposable." We have carpet upstairs. Downstairs we have wood, tile and carpet. The sales man at the vacuum repair shop suggested I get either the Sebo Felix or the Miele S7 Swing. My daughter has allergies and he said those are going to be the best not to release allergens. Both are very expensive which is making my husband cringe but if they last for 20 years it comes out about the same. Both had really good features, I think the Sebo would be great for stairs but I really like the automatic features of the Miele. Anyone who has either of these machines, would you mind telling me what you like and don't like about them. I have two small kids and a dog so I want something that is a workhorse.

Thank you so much!!!

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Miele makes great vacuums. I have the S7 Miele Jazz, the lowest cost S7 model with a hepa filter and a headlight. Very quiet and easy to use. If you can live without some of the convenience features of the Swing, you could lower the purchase cost considerably. Comparison chart of Miele S7 Models:

For stairs, I have found that a small, hand held, plug in type vacuum works the best.

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