Moen iODigital

mtobias1April 15, 2013

Anyone at all with experience with this line of Moen's? Looks like solenoid driven valves via a digital interface. Looks like the future to my unknowing eye.

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It's included in our new bath - we absolutely love, love, love it.
But in the back of my head, I am worried that we may have ventured out to the edge - sometimes gadgets can be finicky. Crossing fingers.

We have learned that every time our power to the house is shut down at the breaker box (we have had some recent a.c. problems), we have to make a little trip to the closet where the access panel for the Moen idigital is located and reset the data connection (power is okay but data not so much). But not really a big deal once we learned this.
Also, the access panel is in a closet in a spare room (behind the bath). If the door on that closet is not closed, this hardware can be rather noisy while the shower is going (low keyed motor sound.) and heard in the room. Enough that I think someone might have trouble sleeping. Think I will have the access panel sound proofed.

Since we needed to put quite a few grab bars in the shower since I have some "stability problems", I was happy to eliminate the knobs and handles for the shower. The Moen is all we have. If electricity goes out, we have no water to the shower. (We have a second bath and as much as I'd like to put Moen in there, I realize we need to have shower/tub capability if electricity goes out.)

Moen shower controls in this pic at:

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I have the iodigital for the shower and the tub in my PA house.

The roman tub filler kind of annoys me b/c I have not gotten it to work correctly. My tub is very big and the tub filler shuts off before it fills all the way through, no matter what I do, so I have to turn it on again. There is supposed to be a way to fix it but I have to call Moen and I haven't yet.

The shower system I really like. I love that you just press a button and it turns everything on the way you set it. I love that it tells you when it has reached the right temperature. I love all of the body sprays and the hand shower and rain shower. I never actually use the remote control though because it only takes a few seconds to heat up so I just go and press the button.

That said:
1. I got charged a lot extra by my plumber to do this b/c it was more complicated.

2. When I considered doing it again in my master bath in my FL house, I decided instead to do the Kohler DTV with the double thermostatic valve instead (this one, although I didn't get it from eBay:
The reason: I didn't want to pay $600 extra for the Moen when I feel this will basically do the same thing for my purposes.

With the Kohler, I have slightly less control because you only have 2 separate things that can be on/off at the same time as opposed to the Moen with 6 However, whenever I have the hand shower on, I also have the rain shower on, so I didn't see the need to have those on separate controls.

With the Kohler, I will have the body sprays on one control and the handheld shower and rain shower on the other. That way, I will still be able to shower w/ just the overhead and control the volume of overhead/body sprays separately. I also get to store my settings and have the precision temp control. I won't have the remote but don't use it anyway.

The FL system isn't installed yet so I can't speak to how it will compare in actual use with the Moen. But I cannot imagine that I would actually get $600 more value out of the Moen knowing how I use these systems.

Hopefully that answer helps somewhat and makes sense. If you have more questions, let me know. I couldn't find anyone to help w/ the Moen before I installed it and it would have been nice to get more opinions.

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My contractor didn't charge me extra for the Moen setup. (don't have body sprays - just rain, fixed and hand held). But we did pay a lot for the bathroom - same price whether we used Moen or not.

(Contractor was a pretty smart guy which is one reason I hired him - I wanted someone SMART. I found the Moen video on the web that demonstrates the install and showed it to him. He said he thought it was easy. (Though the first hardware we got didn't work right and had to be returned/shipped back to Moen. They sent another right away. They paid shipping. Second one worked fine.)

He didn't say but I wonder if my contractor also liked the fact that he didn't have to do so many tile cutouts (tile was porcelain) in the shower since there were no knobs to cut around.

I didn't order the remote. Though I thought it would be cool, it just didn't seem to be something that would really be needed and we don't. FYI - Valve is thermostatic which means there is no degradation in water pressure in order for valve to balance and avoid scalding (I think that's what it means).

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We put an I/O Digital in our masterbath and I appreciate it every single day. Our regular showerhead, rainhead and handheld are all controlled separately and I love being able to push "my" button on the remote control before stepping into the shower with my pre-selected preferences.

We were originally leaning toward getting the Kohler system which I think looks a little nicer and is easier to read but it didn't come with volume control so that was a dealbreaker for us.

The valve control box can be located away from your shower (I forget what distance) and needs to be somewhere that is accessible. Ours is in a shared wall between the shower and our water closet. We designed the vanity as an open sink base so that we could access the Moen valve if needed. I do notice some switching sounds as the valves shut down after a shower but it's not loud enough to disturb anyone nearby.

We love it so much that we're putting one in our guest/son's bathroom where it will control the same types of showerheads. We didn't get a remote for that one since it's primarily a single-user shower in an alcove. Access to that valve box will be in the linen closet in the bathroom.

My husband researched the features and installation requirements of the I/O Digital extensively but the actual installation was done by our plumber. I'm not sure they had ever installed one before but they seemed to have no problem with it.

I have pictures taken during the installation process. Let me know if they would be helpful and I'll post a few.

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Treasure - We are considering the i/o to avoid walking under the shower head to turn it on. Would be grateful for your photos. Need to help contractor get used to the idea. Many thanks.

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BelfastBound we put in an iodigital in our bathroom. It was the contractor's first time installing one and from what I gather, Moen pretty well talked him through it.

We also put in a Kohler DTV system in our master bath in the FL House. I like the iodigital better b/c of 1) volume control 2) ability to store multiple settings for different people.

If I recall correctly, the Kohler system was a little cheaper than the Moen...

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Thanks Beagles. The DTV is $210 now - is that an "all in" cost (other than the plumber's labor) It must need an electrical outlet?

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Belfast - $210 is just for the interface. You will still need the valve - which is another $600 or so and that system will only run two features max.

Moen's smaller system will only run two features and cost around $900 complete.

You will need to buy whatever showerhead, filler, sprays, ect.. you want to round out the install, and those can cost from $50 to $5000 depending on your taste.

The Moen discussed here is roughly $1500 and will control four separate features.

Kohler's larger DTV system will control six different features, allow for two different controllers, as well as the ability to add a steam generator, lighting control, as well as music all controlled from the one control panel. Comes at a cost though. Bare bones it's over $3000 and with all the add ons can go close to $8000. You'll also need to be able to feed it 15 - 20 gallons of hot water every minute !!!

They all need and electrical outlet for function.

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