nxr range oven won't light

dirtybloomersApril 23, 2012

My NXR DRGB 3001 oven won't light. It is past warranty. Everything else is fine.

I think it is the ignitor because the bar won't even glow. The oven won't emit gas.

Called ADCO and of course they don't have the part. I ordered a different replacement part from Dvorsons. (Josh there was very helpful and assured me that it would work with my NXR oven ).

If anyone can give me any advice about where to find an EXACT replacement(for future reference).... or how to do the work fixing this.... I'd really appreciate it.

I removed the bottom front panel (Thank God the connections are all in the front ! So I don't have to pull the whole range out. Nice design... I can easily access the ignitor.)

It should be easy for me (a lady) to replace this ignitor. I just need some reassurance / guidance.


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BE SURE!!!!! to disconnect the stove from power before working on it. Sorry I do not know how to replace it, maybe Nunya can offer some help?? I just wanted to be sure to remind you to disconnect from the power (Just in case) other posters here, don't.


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Gar, Of course, hee hee. I know that. I'm not that dumb.

The problem I have is the ignitor I purchased may not be an exact fit... Not sure though until it arrives. If it isn't, I will need some direction.

Polarity isn't an issue, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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Jessie from NXR / ADCO called me this morning. He was very helpful. He suggested that I buy some ceramic wire nuts in case the new ignitor part from Dvorsons needs adapting.

Also, I looked on YOUTUBE and there was some great videos on how to test the Ignitor and Gas Safety Valve with an ohms meter. I'll do that before I cut any wires on the old ignitor... just to make sure it's the ignitor that's broken.

Even though the oven is not working .... I STILL LOVE THIS NXR RANGE. Easy access to the parts (atleast in this case). If a lady like me can fix her own range then this is one nice range. If I can indeed accomplish this on my own then it will cost me around about $66 total.... saving me hundreds. If I have to get a technician out here it will cost $95 for him to just diagnose it.

I'll let everyone know how things go. Maybe I'll take some pictures and post them for those of you with an NXR .

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Sorry I have no clue, never had anything go with it so no experience in that department.
I don't really see any NXR's breaking down enough to be able to find any info on fixing anything on them.

I would be very interested in how this all works out for you though in case this happens to me down the road.
Sounds as though it should be a easy fix.

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Glow plugs go bad occasionally. There was someone on the forum who's glow plug wasn't working, but it was the wiring to the glow plug that had abraded and shorted.

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I purchased the ignitor glow stick on Monday from Dvorson's and it has been a week and haven't received it. It cost me $16 to ship it.. from California to Maryland.

Priority would've been $10 or less and it would've been here by now. Also, I can't find ceramic wire nuts in my local Lowes or Home Depot so I had to buy them online... another wait time. It has been almost two weeks without an oven.

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At this rate you may have to get out your wooden shoes and use the kind of oven some of those "Netherlanders" do!

Good luck on getting the parts in an expeditious manner!


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UPDATE !!!! FIXED !!!!
i will be posting photos from my repair job this morning... (but I haven't posted photos for a while so it may take me a few tries)... in it I will try to include a link to the Youtube Test Your Oven Ignitor & Test Your Oven Safety Valve videos that helped me.

I want to thank Jessie at ADCO / NXR and Josh at Dvorson's !!!

If I can fix my own oven then anyone out there who owns an NXR can do it!!!

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Here is a link to the photos of the repair work:


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