Wolf Double Oven Porcelain Problems on L-Series?

applnutApril 24, 2013

I'm looking at replacing our wall ovens and have basically settled on Wolf. I know that very helpful forum member Rhome had the E-series of these ovens and had problems with the interior porcelain cracking. I've also read, anecdotally, that others have had similar issues.

Is this an E-series problem or a Wolf problem? I ask because we are looking at the L-series and, sadly, can't hold out until the new M-series (which looks super awesome) comes out next year.

I do a lot of cooking and baking, including bread and pizza on a bake stone: one of the things I really liked about the Wolf is their bake stone mode but it was this very high-heat use that, apparently, did Rhome's oven interior in.

Any other experiences anyone can share? Positive or negative?

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I am VERY ticked off to see this happening in the upper oven of my Wolf Ls.

I can't check the lower oven as I'm running the self-clean now, but I don't remember seeing anything like this when wiping it out before the clean. I'm not sure though as I expected the porcelain issues to look differently.


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Wow. I didn't even see the little porcelain flakes next to the gouges until I took this photo.

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Yikes! So sorry that's happening, but so thankful that you're posting about it. Can you let us know Wolf's response? Very interested to hear how they handle it. Not good, though. Not good. :(

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