Swedish Finish floor maitenance? Help!

TessinseattleJuly 9, 2012

I'm a new home owner of a lovely house that I don't want to destroy with my ignorance of proper cleaning/maintenance techniques. I'm the product of hippy parents w/ loose, to say the least, standards for this sort of thing so I could really use some sound advise from an expert. What you're looking at here are lovely swedish (I think) finish floors. Help. Tell me how not destroy these. Some online advice says vinegar and water while others say avoid water at all costs and vinegar dulls. Help! THANK YOU, in advance. I'm hopelessly unprepared for so nice a home. I will be posting multiple threads so people can reply to each concern individually.

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I lived for 20 years in a home with Glista (sp?) finished floors: maple, birch, and oak. They were gorgeous! They had been refinished just before I moved in. I was told to use just a little water (ie. damp rag, well wrung out) and, if needed, a tiny bit of white vinegar. That's what I did every so often, and the floors were still gorgeous when I moved out.

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You might also try what I've used for 31 years on my oak/polyurethane floors: Bona Kemi. They make two good products I like-1. the Cleaner and 2. The Floor Finish. Apply with a damp mop. Some people here hate Bona Kemi, say it leaves a dulling film. I have not found so. I recently hosted a party in my home and prepared by doing the floors with BK. They were so shiny my SIL asked if I'd had them re-finished!

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I have a kitchen floor with Glitsa Finish. They make a cleaner for the floor - Glitsa Clean - that can be bought as a concentrate. Put it in a spray bottle and add distilled water. I use that for cleaning. I was told to stay away from any product that was OIL BASED because that would make it impossible to do spot refinishing later.

I also see that Libman makes a spray mop that can be used with your own cleaner.

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I believe that is the flooring I had in my previous home. It was Kahrs flooring and I had the American Cherry, which is what yours looks like. 1 gallon of water and 1 cup vinegar works fine.

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