CTS Alert !

slinkeyMay 25, 2012

Just wanted to give a 'Heads Up' to anyone living

in or near the Orlando,FL area..A new Christmas Tree Shop

is opening there. It will probably be the First of MANY

CTS to open in the FL area.

Check link below..


Here is a link that might be useful: Christmast Tree Shop

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Oh jane, you big tease, you! I thought maybe I was going to be able to shop online! (bargains/clearance/etc, of course!)

Congrats to your FL Holiday-ers! Jeanne S. I'll pout now!

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Jane, this is wonderful for those living close. I'm not sure I could handle myself shopping in one of these stores. It'a a good thing this won't be close and tempt me.LOL I'm sure one day they will come our way tho.

I browsed the flyer and seen some neat patriotic and summer items. I started my Memorial decorating so will try to finish before Monday and post pictures.


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Jeanne...didn't mean to 'tease' you...lol
I'm sure one will be heading your way soon...they are
spreading so fast ever since BB&BY bought them out.

Punk..like Jeanne...I'm sure there's plans in the future
for one near you too..The flyer really doesn't do them justice
with all that's in the store.
I'll look forward to your Memorial decorating..
Hope you and Jeanne enjoy a nice weekend.


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Jane ::
You're so cruel. LOL
I'm going to the pouting corner because I'd bet the bank we'll never get one in my small town.
There is a BB&BY about 45 mins from me though so I wonder if there might be a small glimmer of hope that one will be built within any accessible radius of my house.
I can keep hoping. lol
I'm sure if DH even knew what CTS was , he'd be sooo glad we don't have one and he'd live in horror of what all I might drag home if I did find one somewhere.

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Darn! not in my area either. Oh well, we did get a Hobby lobby finally so maybe someday a CTS????? Luvs

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Sorry to tease you MM & Luvs...keep the faith...
If there's a BB&BY near you..I'm sure a CTS will soon

Luvs...I wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me...I guess
we can't have everything...Imagine how dangerous that
would be !! lol


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Everybody who has one of those near them, just tease the rest of us with all the great buys they find there!
Turning a bright shade of green right now, LOL..

Maybe someday they'll move west, maybe.

: (

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Candy :
If they make it to me in the midwest , I'll do my best to shove them on over your direction. LOL
One still hasn't just majically popped up around here either so the suffering continues. lol

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Hi Jane,
Spoke to the gal at CTS. A lot of the openings have been put on hold due to the terrible economy.
They were supposed to open one closer to me, the nearest is over an hour, but it got delayed, 3 years so far.
They are going to open a pop up here at the end of the summer. They try out the area to see if it will be a good spot.
Can't wait!
Last week I went and I found some cute Americana watering cans, perfect to put down the middle of a table with flowers. Marked down to .29!
Wanna see them?

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Hi Kathleen...YES...Show Them Off!!
Sounds like a good buy and I like your idea
on how to use them.
I'm sure if they put a CTS near you, it should do well..
That could be dangerous though...lol

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when I clicked on flyer, it said none available to view and they were working on one. Wish I had one close by. I want to see t hose Americana watering cans too.

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snolady, sign up for the circular to be emailed to you. Even when I didn't have one nearby, I loved looking through their circular.
I think Old Time Pottery has many similar things!

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