Favorite bathroom vent fan to replace WhisperFit-Lite?

artemis78April 3, 2012

We have to replace ours, and I'm wondering what people are liking these days. When we put this one in, Panasonic was the favorite, but ours has a dead motor after only four years, so I'm really reluctant to stick with them. What else is out there? Or did we just get a lemon? (We have a Panasonic 80CFM WhisperFit-Lite; it was used for about an hour a day.) We never got adequate air flow through the old fan, but weren't able to identify the problem after investigating ductwork, etc. So I just really want a fan that works this time! Thanks for any suggestions!

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I just bought a panasonic whisperwarm, I hope it doesn't crap out on me in a few years. I've only heard good things about the panasonics until now.

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I'd also only heard good things, so it's entirely possible we just got a bad fan. But for what it's worth, they do have a three-year warranty in case something comes up in the near term. (Ours is four years old...figures!)

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I cant help with any technical info for replacing.. But I just put in a 110cfm Fantech... It is amazingly powerful and quiet. I actually got compliments on my fan from house guests.

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Lynne Reno

we got a 110 cfm panasonic FV-11VHL2 (fan/heat/light/nightlight) and I love it, it warms up in about 30 seconds and is super quiet and efficient. We have the same fan in our guest bath without heat and it's been there about 5 years and still going strong.

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I've been installing and recommending Panasonic for a number of years with very good results.

Once you choose the right size it is a good idea to install the next size up to make up for inadequate ducting.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to size a bath vent fan

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Thanks--your timing is impeccable since we still haven't gotten around to this and I was just working on figuring out exactly which fan to get!

We've decided to stick with Panasonic in spite of our bad experience because it is the easiest to fit into the space (same size) and everyone else seems to have good experiences with them, so hopefully ours was just a lemon. Do you have recommendations of specific Panasonics other than the Whisper Fit Lite, though?

Our current dead fan is theoretically more than powerful enough for the space (twice what we need based on the linked site) and as far as we know the ducting is good to go (was put in when the fan was four years ago) but we never got very good venting from the first fan. Possibly whatever caused it to die was also he cause of the earlier issues, though.

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I would stick to the model you have.

Less hassle trying to fit it in.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Help and Advice

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Maybe a little late for the original poster, but there is no need to trash the entire unit. Just call Panasonics service parts center, phone number available from their web site, and order a new motor.

I had to replace the motor in one of mine after about four years. The other three continue to be fine.

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