gunk in the hardwood floor grove

TriciaJuly 21, 2009

How do I remove the gunk that has accumulated in the groove of my hardwood floors? I have searched this forum and found this question asked in June of 2008 with no solution presented.

Would the rug renovator on my old Kirby perhaps clean the gunk out of the grooves? If that might would what would be the best solution to try along with the rotator brush action of the Kirby? Is my only choice to have the floors refinished and the groove sanded out - the gunk along with it?

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The answer as I see it is to vacuum the grooves with the round brush attachment and anything that doesn't come out stays there.

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I saw that answer too. Not good enough for me. Something has to be able to get it out and the brush attachment doesn't do it. I failed to mention that the hardwood floor is in my kitchen.

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Well, then, you could clean out the grooves manually and then have the floors site finished.

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What you may have is called 'V' groove between planks which they are pre-finished flooring product and they do collect dirt. My suggestion is to have the floor refinished completely to flatten the surface. The hardwood refinisher will and can remove 'V' and you will never again have to worry except... except they will expand and contract which is normal.
check out my website below and email us if you have any further questions
Hope this helps...

Here is a link that might be useful: Angerman Hardwood Floors

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