Help with bathroom color decision

nhbasketsApril 29, 2012

We've had some time between our demo and when work begins on our master bath reno. This has allowed us to play with some paint choices. Our bath is small, 7.5' x 5' plus a stall shower in an alcove. One window, so we do have natural light.

The material choices we have made are:

Tile (floor and shower) - AO Caterina in Roman Gold

Countertop - Cambria Canterbury

Vanity - Medallion in White Chocolate

I'm leaning toward walls in BM Warmed Cognac (AF-235). I know this is dark, however, I believe it will make everything pop. The other choice we are looking at is BM Standish White (HC-32). All trim will be BM China White.

I took these pictures without the morning sun shining in. Will plan to take more pictures tomorrow morning.

Any opinions?

Thanks for looking.

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I like the darker wall in the two photos you have posted. The one with the light wall color is washed out, and I don't think it goes with the floor, at least that is the way it looks on my screen. The floor has a pinkish tan color and the wall is golden color on my screen.

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I agree with enduring, the tile really has a pink cast in the 2nd picture

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I really love the Cognac color! It takes the bathroom from ordinary to a bold pop of color. Go for it - it's only paint

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Agree with enduring that the light wall color is not quite right with floor tile as shown on monitor. However, I will say that my own bathroom wall is close to that color and I like it very much. (Most of the colors in my house are closer to your bolder color; I love it!) It is so complicated to choose a wall color when granite has so many colors swirling about, not to mention coordinating it also with the floor --- at least I thought it was hard. This will be your easiest decision, however --- after all, it is just paint and mistakes are easily remedied. It took us two attempts before we got our walls right. Good luck.

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Thank you for your comments. The tile does appear pinkish in the photos, but is more gold IRL. Hard to get good pics with an iPhone.

We plan to go with the cognac and as you all said, it's easy to change if it doesn't work. Now if only the subs would show up...

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We will be looking forward to a reveal :)

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