Getting Rid of Perfume Smell

susan915July 24, 2009

Years ago I put a strong sachet in a dresser drawer. I got rid of it, but the strong smell has permeated the drawer. How can I get rid of this smell so I can use the drawer? This is an expensive piece of furniture, so I'm hesitant to use chemicals.

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Set a bowl of white vinegar in the drawer, being careful not to spill.

If possible get some fresh air and sunshine on the drawer - take it outside and set it somewhere safe. You don't want to bake it in the sun, you just want to air it out.

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Try coffee. It works for a number of odors. There are a couple of odor-ridding products on the market as well. I like X-O Odor Neutralizer. It's a spray. I would spray the drawer and leave it open to air (you don't have to, but I probably would do so).

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DD just spilled a bottle of stinky cheap cologne on my MIL new carpet... The only thing that worked for us was baking soda.

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I know this sounds weird but try replacing your potpurri with a kitty litter sachet! My mother in law had the dog attack a skunk under her car and the car was so foul that you couldn't be near it without being nauseated. The kitty litter worked at getting that stench out!

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