putting in vanity before grout

kidhornApril 14, 2014

I'm having a bathroom put in my basement. The workers put down the floor tile and then put the vanity and toilet down without putting in the grout for the floor tile. Seems odd to me. Did they do something they shouldn't have?

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I'll be the first to say that construction is not my ballywick and I don't know what water-proofing issues may arise (if any) due to missing grout. What I would be quite upset about is the corner cutting. If the contractor is willing to do this, what other things are not being done correctly and on the up-and-up? In the future, if you or a future owner of your home changes out the vanity or toilet size, this will be an issue to fix and that's not right.

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I'd make them pull it out - did you plan to tile under the vanity (it makes changes easier if needed later! Same thoughts as making sure you run the hardwood under the kitchen cabinets!) But even if you didn't budget for tile under the vanity, I'd want the grouting done before the cabinet went in - so it didn't accidently get grout on it. And no grout under the toilet either? That seems like a problem. Don't let them tell you not to worry because they'll caulk all around the toilet - you want part of it not to be caulked so if it ever leaks you know instead of discovering it too late when it has begun damaging things.

Good luck!

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I have seen that done, presumably as a "cost-savings" measure. But it doesn't save all that much in materials in the scheme of things, plus it's easier to grout when you don't have stuff to work around. Plus if you change the vanity someday and it's a different footprint, you'd have to try and track down the right color grout to match it.

I'd have them pull out the toilet and vanity, grout, then replace them. It doesn't hurt anything to not have it grouted, as grout doesn't provide waterproofing, but you might as well do the job completely.

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