Anyone tried Woodwise Floor Cleaner? Any other suggestions?

jtcarter14July 22, 2007

I am searching for a product to clean my wood floors with that will absolutely not leave a residue. I have tried Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner which claims it will not leave a residue, but it definitely does. It looks like buying some Woodwise will cost me about $15 including shipping, so I hate to pay that just to find out it leaves a residue like everything else I've tried (i.e. Pledge).

If you haven't tried Woodwise but have another suggestion, please share.


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I have stopped using expensive cleaners on my wood floors. I use a bucket of warm water, about a half cup plain white vinegar (cheapest brand works fine), and a few drops of Dawn dish detergent. I use a high quality microfiber cloth mop, that can be wringed out well. I bought one at HD for about $15. This works well on my wood floors; it's cheap and environmentally friendly. No residue at all.
I''ve tried every possible wood floor cleaner and think this works the best. FYI: I hired a commercial cleaner to come in and do a heavy spring cleaning and this is what they use as well.

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I have read that it's best not to use vinegar. I know it's up for debate, but I'd rather err on the side of being too careful. Do you know the purpose of the vinegar?

I tried using just a few drops of dish detergent with water, and it was an improvement. It's still not perfect, but much, much better than anything else I had tried.

Thank You!!

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Vinegar is a mild acid. It deodorizes and cuts grease. I'm told it also leaves a shine on hard floors because it very slightly alters the surface.

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i've used woodwise floor cleaner for years and have not found anything to equal it. No residue, a nice shine, no perfume added. and it is really economical in the long run. I use just a little and it cleans so well that I don't have to do it as often. I hate all those other products.

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I own a hardwood refinishing/renewal company and we are continually looking for non-residue products to suggest to our clients. The Woodwise webpage says the components are 'mildly acidic'...same as a weak vinegar solution would be. I would personally save the money and use the weak (2-10%) white vinegar solution. It is also perfectly fine to use plain water on hardwood...spray/mist it on and mop up...if you don't have heavy soiled areas.

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