It's March 2014, how is your build? Part III

bluemoon_1March 21, 2014

Part III -way to work it people
Stopped at the house on the way home from work as one of the workers was heading home. He said shingles next week, some work inside setting up more walls and ceiling details and windows the week after. would love to have the house sealed up before the spring rain starts.

thewitchdoctor- I've had the same crazy thoughts the last 2 weeks. our house looks soooo small right now too. i have to believe it will look bigger here sometime :)

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Bluemoon and Witchdoc - stop freaking out. Everyone feels that way at first.

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Bluemoon- I've seen your other pics. Your house is big enough!! You probably didn't just jot down a random width like I did. Thanks for trying to make me feel better though.

JDEZ- Really? I haven't read about other people freaking out like this at this point. I hope you are right. If I didn't have to work from 6 am tomorrow til 10 pm Sunday I would just sedate myself!!

Also found out our windows are going to be crazy expensive. I expected a big chunk of change but my accordian door ( Andersen) is 12k. Husband is determined to get Andersen though. I heard a radio ad today and I can sell my plasma for about $210 a month- that will add up after a few years. 5 years and it will pay for that damn door

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Bluemoon - Your house looks awesome! I cannot even wait to be at the point you are in your build!

Well, a lot was accomplished today. I checked the camera first thing in the morning and there was a full work crew at 7:30 am! I counted 10 trucks and 4 trailers at one time! They did all the footers, poured concrete, etc. Here are some of the pics that were taken today.

They are pouring the foundation next week so I will have many more pics then! They also brought a lot of the lumber for framing over today. YIPPEE!!!

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Bluemoon- it's awesome, don't worry!

Robyn- looking great- nice progress

We have battens (a few). They have to work around the arched windows because they are getting replaced hopefully at the end of the month. So sad.


remember this is not the final color- we have chosen a gold-tan color, with white trim.

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Witchdoc- Rule #712 of my new home building guide (in my head) clearly states "If you have to sell your plasma or any other part of your body to afford it, you should not buy it." LMAO .... Really though, a room that is 17 x 30 is big. Of course, I'm building a 1900 sq ft house plus upstairs bonus room so I might not be the right person to ask because most people consider that to be small. If you search GW for "slab feels small" or something to that effect, I promise you, you will find many comments from people who felt just like you are feeling now. Just roll with it, there'll be plenty to stress about later.

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wow, thread 2 filled up fast! i haven't even tried to catch up. i have been traveling for work.

they've made some good progress at our house this week. inside it really does look just about finished.

they replaced the cabinet doors that were supposed to be mullion pane doors, but showed up and were installed as plain glass doors.

our door hardware is in, and they drilled holes for our cabinet hardware in the kitchen. though they didn't do the bathrooms yet and i'm not sure why and it's been 3 days since the trim carpenter left without finishing so i'm not sure what the holdup is there.

our front door is in too, but not stained yet. it's massive and beautiful and i can't wait to see it finished. my SD card is in the car, so i don't have the photos handy - will have to update next time. you can kind of see the speak easy from the gutter photo though. SO grateful we spent the money on upgrading the size of the door because it still looks small from the street, and it's a 4x8 door! if we had gone with the standard size it would have looked like a doggy door. haha

the gutters are in, but the decorative downspouts and collector boxes are not in yet. the gutters really emphasize the swoopy shapes of our roof so we're pleased with that! here you can see just the gutters themselves, but i like the outline it gives to the roof! you can see the grading work they did in this photo too. and some of the finished driveway.

the driveway is finished, and they did all the grading in preparation for landscaping. the irrigation system is in, and the wiring is trenched and pre-set for all the nightscaping lights for our trees. the HOA approved our landscaping plan and the sod is scheduled for monday!

our carpet is in the bedrooms, though we picked different colors for both houses and given the track record, i was so sure they messed up and put the same color in both houses, i think it might just be that the difference in the colors are more subtle than i remembered. i picked up swatches tonight and they're so similar that i'm giving them the benefit of the doubt at least until i can bring the swatches back up to the house to compare. :)
what do you think? subtly different? or another mess-up?

guest house which should be "spiced rum, color 542"

main house which should be "sculpture gray, color 550"

ready for this? this is the song that doesn't end... yes it goes on and on my friend. some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that doesn't end...

yes, my shower saga continues. they put the right deco tile in finally on the third attempt. and then they grouted the shower floor... in the WRONG COLOR. can i call four strikes on this design gallery? shower floor was supposed to be grouted in the same color as our bathroom floor tile - a taupey gray color. so the shower floor will be ripped out, re-tiled and re-grouted. good times. good times.



other mis-haps:

the plumbers came to finish everything up today. and it was exciting to see all the fixtures that have been missing placed in boxes in each room. i was nervous when i didn't see our kitchen faucet, so i asked our builder who assured me they had all the fixtures to go in today. on our way out we asked the plumber directly, who said "what do you mean? your kitchen faucet is already installed!" umm, yeah, in the wrong color. which has been documented on every single piece of paperwork since JUNE 2013. so that's another trip for the plumbers!

anyone see a problem with this photo? :) this is the kitchen sink in the guest house. plumber evidently thinks this is ok.

also, our builder didn't account for the thickness of a 3cm granite backsplash with the standard kohler undermount sink and the standard faucet we're required to use with them. there wasn't enough room for the drain stopper lever between where the faucet has to be installed in their sink and the granite backsplash. we had a similar situation in our last house and hated it, so when our builder looked at us pathetically hoping we would "just live with it and make it work" i laughed and just said "no, absolutely not." so he promised us he would swap out the drain with pop up drains with a little push button, and we were satisfied with that. except that's not what they installed. they did in the guest house, but in our house there is no attached drain stopper. instead it's a gigantic screw on piece that you would have to turn the thread like 15 times to get it all the way down. totally antiquated. totally pi$$ed.

i requested some changes to our landscape designers original plan, and he made the updates on our planting design plans, but he never updated the irrigation drawing evidently because we have a giant drip irrigation area twice the size of our intended planting bed. so now they have to cut all that back and relocate the other heads that point out toward the grass. such a simple mistake that's going to cost them so much time and yet another trade who needs to be called back to fix something.

today the trim carpenter and the painters were scheduled to work. the trim carpenter to finish installing hardware in both houses and the painters to do their massive touchup and final rolls inside, and then to do all our exterior staining. neither one showed up!

and so it begins - march 28th for first preliminary walk through has slipped to april 4th. i'm just so tired. so physically and mentally tired, and so tired of being on edge all the time. after we move in i'd like to hibernate for a month. *deep, cleansing, breath

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Robyn- Yay! I don't know how you were able to accomplish anything at all today. :)

Illini- Your house is looking so pretty! I love the board & batten.

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Maggie - I loooooooove your progress!! I am SO sorry about your kitchen sink and your bathroom shower tile. I bet you are so tired of all of that! Just think…. you will soon be enjoying your beautiful new house and forget all about all these setbacks! Your kitchen tile is absolutely GORGEOUS and love it in ALL the pictures you share. More pics please! Good idea about your door!

illingirl - Your house is breathtaking! I can't wait to see more pics!!! Keep them coming!!

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Hard to keep up.
Oh Maggie, I hear you, and I understand. There are issues all over our house that need to be corrected, but they keep plowing ahead. There is a section where they screwed up on the drywall in my studio. So they came and ripped out the messed up area, and it's still an unfinished mess. But the painters have primed it, and it sits there. Wouldn't you think they'd redo the drywall before the painters came in to prime? It's stuff like that that is driving me nuts!
You too Aksharsmom, I'm empathizing with your pain. As a matter of fact, we caught that same issue with our trim carpenter, the day he started on site so changed our crown molding throughout the first floor, If we hadn't changed it, it would have interferred with the cabinet install. I'll have to go look at the kitchen forum to see what you're talking about with the doors.

Welcome Michelle. Oh, my heart sings that you are building in Traverse City. I love where we're building, in South Carolina, but if it had all been up to me I'd be right back up there. I lived on Wadsworth between 5th and 6th Streets. I know a lot of the builders up there. Who are you considering or have you decided already? What area are you building in? (I left in 2003)

Witchdoctor, at the point you're at people typically do look at their foundation and think it's too small. But really, your footprint gives you over 2000 sq ft, and if you have a 2 story you're going to have close to 4000sf or more, right? This is not a small house, relax. Is there a reason, like setbacks, that your house is only 32 wide? It sounds like your great room takes up about 1/3 of your house. If you can get into sketchup or Roomplanner online and do some 3D drawings you'll have an idea of how the proportions are shaping up. 12' ceilings are really high, and are in proportion to a room that is 17x30, but it's going to create a pretty big feeling space. There are things you can do with varying your ceiling heights, or bring it down a bit to make the room space more cozy - like a coffered ceiling or a tray. Now is the time to think of that and add it, if you want it. Did you ever post your floor plan on this site asking for input or review? If you're really freaking out you could do that now, and either get reassurance that it'll all be good, or some suggestions on what you might do. But really, do understand that at the foundation stage everything looks really too small.

Illini, what did you decide re counters? And why are they going to be replacing your arch windows?
UpontheHill, how's it going?

Shout out to everyone else. Love seeing the progress pics. Promise sometime soon I'll add some to the gallery here.

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Illinigirl: Do you know what size (roughly) weathervane you went with? Our garage & cupola will probably end up around the same size as yours. Most of the vanes I've been finding seem tiny.

Maggiepie: I like your door hardware. Can you share details?

Michelle: RE your MBR. I'm a fan of the lower level MBR, especially with kids getting older & more independent. The problem you may find is making it work in 3000 sq ft. With the MBR downstairs along with all the other customary rooms, and only 3 bedrooms upstairs, what you end up with is a large sprawling lower level and a smaller upper level. That'll translate into less cost-efficient to build. Of all the LL master plans we tagged online, the smallest we saw was ~3600 sq ft. Good luck with your planning. You'll find these boards and the people on them a wealth of information.

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We have drywall up now. I was supposed to be excited about this but a few things went wrong. We went over the details but nobody was taking notes... one thing mentioned multiple times is that no drywall is needed on the cieling. Paneling is going up instead. No drywall on the LVL in the family room, that will be veneer. I came back home to find drywall on both. Ok, worst case scenario I can take it down in an hour or two.

Except the LED lights in that area are all gouged and the perimeter of the built in trim ring ground up from people trying to cut holes around them. This one's not going to buff out. Are we likely to get the cost to replace the things deducted from the bill? With tax it's about $280 so to us it's not a minor boo-boo. Unfortunately they all still work and I'm going to hear 'cosmetic damage isn't covered' or some nonsense but they weren't supposed to be doing anything in this area anyway so, wtf...

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So sorry about the screw-ups some of you are experiencing. It's unbelievable that workers could be that dense. Maggie- I just keep picturing the Three Stooges bumbling their way around your build. Then schicksal weighs in with drywall in the wrong places, then they cut around the trim rings! These people do this for a living?!?

WD- Your build will seem to change size several times during your build, and it won't look right until the drywall is up. I'm building a house of my own design, and I've agonized over this over and over. Now that the drywall is up, it is pretty much what I had in mind.

Everybody is making such great progress, and this thread moves so fast I can't keep up. As for my build- I've been priming drywall and getting the attic ready for insulation. There's a lot of work in properly detailing all of the various penetrations into the attic prior to insulation. Tuesday, my A/C equipment gets here, and I'm going to do much of the installation myself, with a licensed pro doing the final set-up. Never a dull moment!

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oicu- This is how weathervane sizing works roughly- know the width of your cupola. Ours was 36" wide at the narrowest part (the main body) and the base of the roof was 46". I would go by the narrowest part. The rule of thumb then is you get the same size weathervane as the width of your cupola, plus or minus 6 inches. So with ours we could have gone as small as 30" and as big as 42". That is the width of the weathervane, in our case the arrow that the rooster sits on. Ours is 37" wide (the arrow) and 32" tall. I'll link the exact one we got (although I got mine for a much better price by looking at a few different websites). I bought mine from a place called Copper Tops in NH- I just found it by a google search and called and talked to this guy named Merle. I did speak to a few other online vendors and I just picked based on how fast they could ship it out and how much they were charging for shipping. Most of them seemed reputable.

good luck!

mlweaving- sigh, yes they are replacing all 3 top arched windows. They don't line up perfectly. This is different than the original issue I had posted about a month ago, that was about the lower windows lining up. I discovered that's because the picture window has a different sash height than the flankers. So the windows line up, but the glass part doesn't- due to the sash differences. This is going to be reconciled with custom trim to disguise the difference, and I'm fine with that. The arches are another story- and actually the whole thing was initiated on the builder end so I'm glad about that. I wasn't even sure looking at them if there was a problem or not.

Counters- I will have to wait for the slabs to come in to see if they are long enough and the right color. Another 2.5 weeks wait. I had dreams (nightmares) that the slabs came in and were all spoken for! WE did get pricing and while it is on the high end, still doable for us overall.

Here is a link that might be useful: random place I found a barn rooster weathervane

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Adding a link to part II

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Part II

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oicu - our door levers are a style called "Waterfront" by BHP (Better Home Products). the finish is matte black in our house. once they do the guest house i can post a picture of the ORB finish as well. i'm only going by paperwork because we didn't really "choose" these. the hardware my builder usually uses (Dexter by Schlage) no longer comes in matte black, so they found the most similar looking set that does come in black for us.

i love the silky feel of the matte black finish. :)

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bluemoon, You house looks great. Don't worry about it.

Robyn, Lots of progress for a day. Your builder seems to be great to work with and on time and schedule.

Witchdoctor, Sorry you are freaking out. Our house is narrower than we would like due to sight setbacks. The bigger question is how man rooms the width of 32 is divided into. Also in regards to the ceiling height of 12 feet. Is it just the great room/family area or the bedrooms and bathrooms also? I think in the bigger rooms it will be ok but I would reconsider doing 12 feet in the bathrooms and smaller bedrooms. I was recently in a house completed by our builder and they had 10 feet ceiling in a narrow bathroom and that did really remind me of being in a elevator. Good luck with your build.

maggiepie, your kitchen tile and hardware look great. Sorry about the ongoing saga with the tiles and mistakes in other areas. We are having some issues ourselves and I have been spending an hour at the house everyday and still see issues at the end :(

schicksal, Can't believe they messed up the ceiling. Hope you figure out a way to fix this. I am amazed at all the work you have done yourself.

mlweaving, I wish we had realized the trim issue at the stage you had. Now we have decided to leave the trim as is for now and if we are unhappy at the end we will figure out a way to change the trim only in the kitchen. They have already installed trim everywhere else and sanded and started painting so it would cost too much to change now,

We had the fabricator do the counter top template for the Kitchen yesterday. And he said that the two slabs might be tight and we may just be short which would mean we need a third slab. I am hoping we don't need it. Will know more on Monday once the slabs are the fabricator shop. We also have the appliance delivery scheduled today.

I have decided to take a few weeks of in April so I make sure the final details of the house come together well and I can move into the house without work stress.

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Robyn: Are you building in NV?

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No we are building in Utah.

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Schicksal- the hits just keep coming, huh? Hope they make it right.

Mag- on my screen, the two carpets look different. Maybe someday soon, the famous shower will be done the right way. One can only hope....

Mushcreek- hope your A/C installation goes good. I know A/C is essential in your area, just as it here in LA.

Akshars- good idea on taking time off from work. I hope you can get away with two slabs instead of three also.

Mlweaving- I hope the quilt show was a hit. I would've went if I lived close by.

Nothing happening here. The plumbers aren't finished yet but they don't work weekends.

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O.M.G! you aren't going to believe this. or maybe you will since my build has become the joke on this board.

now the plumbers have joined the shower mayhem. they installed the wrong fixture! we're supposed to have a handheld shower so the hole was off center. instead they just installed a regular head which is off center. i guess that's normal to have a shower head tucked in the corner with the valve centered. ummmm. ok!

regular deep breaths aren't cutting it anymore. i've moved on - *gasps into brown paper bag*

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oh geez maggie! So sorry- what a (bunch of) headache(s)! When is your move in date????Can't be too soon, right??

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Maggie- Wasn't it you who had to have the big meeting with GC and crew in order to get your point across on the paint colors? I think it might be time to call another meeting. Enough is enough!

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Holy cow Maggie!!!!! What a pain! I cannot believe that they cannot get this right for you. You sound like you are being very calm. Good for you! I hope it gets fixed soon.

Just had to post a picture this evening of our side view with the evening sun. It is 7 pm in Utah when I took this. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Robyn- that is gorgeous!

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Maggie OMG I would freak out too! Common sense... Who needs it anyway? At least shower heads are easy enough to change out if that's the only thing that was missed. Maybe they thought putting the shower head over there would be a great way to turn it on without getting hit with cold water?

I'm much more mellowed out today... Focus on the positives like four last minute details that need to happen before anyone comes by to do taping and thinking about what shade of white to go with in the kitchen. The easy way out would be to get on houzz and steal shamelessly from there again, and have fun looking at nice pictures at the same time. :)

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Robyn, your view just makes me happy every time I see it!

Maggie, I am so sorry! I don't know how you haven't strangled someone throughout all this mess.

DH is finally seeing the light at the end of the cabinet-making tunnel!!!! He has 4 more cabinets to assemble. That large pantry cabinet will be assembled tomorrow with the help of a college student. What an extremely long and stressful 2-year journey it has been! He still has a light sanding to do on all the drawers but the actual building and gluing and clamping together will be done.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! We are definitely leaning towards putting our master in the main level. Thanks for the feedback!

Mlweaving: So cool you used to live in our beautiful city! And the downtown area where you used to live is gorgeous. What took you south? We are building in Cedar Valley Ridge, a development off 72West. We're pretty sure we're going to use Bay Area Contracting. Are you familiar?

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Too funny, the sample pic you posted of the pantry you like is actually a photo from the builder we are most likely going to use. (Bay Area Builders)

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carsonheim-I have no idea how you could a) get a cat to sit still while holding it's paw claws extended and b) paint without getting it all over the fur. That is quite a talent there. ;) I hope things get moving for you soon. All set with your master bath layout now?

witchdoctor-for sure it changes during every stage of the build, dig the hole holy crap it's way too big, pour footings-uh oh it's too small, frame it in looks big, drywall up - ohhhh, okay now I can see it! 17x30 is a very nice sized room. We have a 'smaller' (it's all relative right?) build at 2400 sq ft which is actually large for us. Our great room is 19x16. Truth be told I wish it were a couple feet larger on the 16 side due to walkways but otherwise I think it feels good. Hang in there!

maggie-I, I, I, I am speechless....... Your build is definitely not a joke, I absolutely love that tile you have for the bathroom I just can't believe they continue to goof that space up. I suppose we all shouldn't be taking common sense for granted as it apparently is not a given. :( I so hope it's all remedied soon. I am not sure on the carpet. They do look rather similar but could very well be slightly different.

bluemoon-wow look at it go! :) Very nice.

hoosier-you are so close with the cabs, I bet DH is so relieved! I still cannot believe how long everything takes. It's driving me mad.

schiksal-oh my steal away. I think looking at houzz is even hard as there are so many awesome pics on there how to choose??? I don't even know what to say about the lights. :(

mommytoty-oh Mommy! I can't thank you enough. We actually started on our built in's this weekend.........look familiar? ;) I am so excited to be working on something that actually shows progress!

It's hard to get the room all in a frame (excuse beadboard protruding above, oops-amateurs adjusting the height of the top cubbies - it will be covered by crown):

Fireplace mantel started also. I originally wanted the crown to follow through the arched area but I goofed up on the built in depth I ordered so we are taking a stab at something different, not sweating it at this point:

And funny how you bring the dog bed in and the little princess feels relaxed enough to crash:

We ran out of trim, more to be delivered on Tuesday. Tomorrow finish up built-ins and start stone for the fireplace (YAY). Mantel to be finished up later this week as well. Then we can get kicking on the wood flooring. Hoping for 3 solid work days with dh but little one went to bed not feeling well so I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. Sigh. I need to step back and start taking it one day at a time. It will get done when it's done...likely not going to make our April 15 carpet install date. Not sure I can even take a stab at when we'll be ready.

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Love seeing everyone's progress and am learning from what goes wrong too.Dh met with two builders last week-he was hoping it would be an easy decision-it isn't. Both are good, but one has his own crew and the other is known for good communication(takes photos as he builds, emails frequently) not that the other one doesn't communicate, but that the second one is known for it. We will be building from the east coast until we sell our house here and then Phoenix(my husband has been working out of Phoenix for the most part this past year so we decided to move there for a while)-the house is central coast California. This is getting real-and somewhat scary. Need to check over floor plans one more time-I think we're on the 9th generation of them.

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>>Not sure I can even take a stab at when we'll be ready.
I know the feeling... we were originally talking about being done by Thanksgiving. Before the project completely snowballed with things that have to be corrected while you're in there and tripled in square footage.

I'm curious of the details about the stone if it's cultured... someone said it goes up on the wall like tile and I'm curious if that's true. Do you have to put up any supports for it? What room do the cubbies go in?

So far the drywallers aren't sure of what to say about the lights either. Reason number 128 why I DIY, but with drywall I'd be battling the stuff for a month. I'm REALLY bad at doing seams.

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schiksal-so I laugh at myself when I originally thought we could be painting by Christmas break, Hahaha! We broke ground September 9. Amen on the reasons to DIY - we have tried drywall before and we decided if we want to stay married, we will sub it out, lol! I did accidentally shoot a nail in dh's thumb yesterday. Eek, scared the business out of me and he was a little startled himself. So we can officially say yes, blood, sweat and tears! The stone we have chosen is an interlocking quartzite this time around. Our last fireplace was not interlocking and although I liked it, very time consuming! So we are doing that on the outside but we chose the other for the inside. Something different this time around. We are screwing cement board to the osb and then we will just mortar it on like tile. It is low profile and should go pretty easily. Our last one was a higher profile and it still amazingly stuck on no issues.

Interlocking Quartz Ledgestone at Lowes

Fireplace in our old home (it was in the basement):

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czscrap-welcome! It IS scary but so exciting at the same time. Good luck with your choice. It sounds like they are both good. :)

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I did quite a bit of sweeping at our place over the weekend. I'm sure its all for nothing as the plumbers will be finishing up today and the electrician will get started with his rough-in. I ordered bathroom vent fans and got the specs for a range hood that I will order in the future so that DH can tell the electrician what we are going to have. I used a set of plans that are facing the wrong direction and drew in every light fixture that we plan on having. Hopefully, I didn't forget anything. I went over it about a hundred times. Later this week, I will be spray foaming any openings the plumbers and electricians make into the outside of the house. I don't remember what comes next but I think HVAC is coming up after the building inspectors do their open wall inspections. So we might have drywall going up in about a month if all goes well? I really don't have a clue, just guessing.

I have a little extra space that I'm wondering what to do with. DH suggested a freezer space (he is a hunter) but we have freezer space in the laundry room. I was thinking about going ahead and wiring it for desk stuff like internet line, phone line, a couple of outlets for charging cell phones, etc. It's really just a little corner that could be used for anything. Anyways, if anyone has suggestions, please share.

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Autumn4 and Mommytoty - Love your cubbies and how they have the tall section in the middle for boots. I would love to copy the design also but if I bring another change to the cabinet maker, he and DH would probably strangle me. So plain old bench with cubbies it

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Thanks - that's the best explanation I've gotten for the stuff and I finally understand the whole interlocking part (I was thinking interlocking up/down for some reason). 1cm thick sounds like the weight would not be an issue or cause it to pull away from the wall so you've moved our future plans into something feasible. :)

This is our concept for the dining room, minus the doorway to the outdoors. Opening up a brick wall to enlarge the window that's in there now will be "fun." Someone decided to raise the floor in the room in the 1970s to the same height as the kitchen/formal living room that are adjacent to it and I can't wait to undo that change too.

Modern Dining Room by Portsmouth Architects & Designers AR Design Studio Ltd

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JDez, do you have a cleaning closet or storage for all your cleaning supplies in the laundry room? if not, that little nook is a great place for it.

or how about just a freestanding table (not built in) to use for sorting mail, message board etc. i'd want to test drive it first with freestanding to make sure i can keep it tidy enough to not regret doing a built-in there. :) i'm distinguishing it from a real desk because i'm not sure i'd like to have a chair in such a high traffic area.

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Jeez, in Mississippi, we had one mechanical inspection that included HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. The electricians took the longest to rough in, I think the HVAC crew was less than a week on abt 4200 sf.

Then they started insulation. Insulation crew was responsible for foaming and caulking before insulation goes in, but I can understand you wanting to make sure that's done correctly!!! They were also a week. I'd say even with waiting time for an inspector, you could be looking at drywall in about 3 weeks!

As far as your corner, since your drop zone is right there, I might be tempted to put in some bookshelves. I always need more, and the proximity to your kitchen makes it a good place for your cookbooks and some pretties.

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Thanks for the suggestions Maggiepie and Jackson. I like those ideas better than the desk. I have a desk at work and I don't want one at Was just thinking I could throw down the mail and school papers on a desk.

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Jdez, I'm trying to find a standalone cabinet or table or something to use for the phone, drop off mail, charging station, keys, etc. I've seen some really neat ideas on houzz. I get in so much trouble looking on there. I looked under message centers. Here is something I'm looking at doing:

Traditional Hall by Lyons Kitchen & Bath Designers Marius Daugvila

Here are other suggestions. Do you have a pet?

Traditional Kitchen by Bend Kitchen & Bath Designers Kathleen Donohue, Neil Kelly Co.

A built-in, but a space where you could house phone and school papers.

Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis General Contractors Sicora Design/Build

Here's one with just items on the wall:


Here's a very small shelf-type desk which wouldn't take up much room:

Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Designers Sawhill Kitchens

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Hoosier - I like that second one! But we have a big dog and he would make that thing look a mess with just a single trip to the water bowl. Maybe a combo of a few of those ideas. I like the mail slots for separating bills from other stuff along with maybe a bulletin board/chalk board. You made me laugh though. All I could think was, if Hoosier makes DH build another cabinet, there'll be a stangling over there We should maybe hit the antique stores and flea markets and look for something already made. ;)

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You are so right! Not gonna ask him for another cabinet. My drop off place is in the corner on one end of my entryway. It will be to my left when I come in from the garage. We have a sidebar cabinet that I might be able to use. But it would have to be stripped and stained. It's oak and I don't have any oak for the new house. That will have to be put on the back burner for now.

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I miss a lot when I don't look over the weekend.

Well I knew that we were right... we got our final bill and we are over. There are things that were never brought to our attention so we are at 9500 over our loan. I know it could be worse but it is things that we didn't even have control over! Either way I feel communication was lacking during this build even though the outcome will be fantastic. I'm freaking out a little, because I feel like some things were added at the last minute. I told our builder that he is going to have to go back and work those numbers since that's not the amount we signed on the contract. Ugh. I know there are worse things to complain about and this is the only place I can come an complain. It'll work out. I just wish my husband would keep calm. He pulled out the old, "this is what I was worried about... this is why I was scared to build." Sigh. I can't wait to have the sigh of relief when this is all done. It's worth it, right? haha.

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Kelli - I'm thinking if we can get out of this and only go over by 9500, I will be ecstatic! I think communication is terrible with everyone in this business. I think its because to all of them, its just another job. The bank, at least our bank, does make mistakes sometimes though. Take out every receipt and every account book and start pouring over those numbers because they might have gotten something wrong or you might have gotten billed more than once for the same thing. I've caught this twice, once from our lumberyard and once from our bank. Just check it and make sure.

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Michelle1973--I really do like that pantry, they did a fabulous job. If the pantry looks that nice, I am sure the rest is even better!

Autumn--Yay! Your bench looks great! Nice work!! :)

On our front, they finished most of the exterior painting over the weekend (still need to paint garage doors the same white as trim). So glad our house is finally one color! :) They also started the interior painting, which is a lot of detailed work and will take all of this week and next. Our appliances will be delivered this Friday, but we won't be ready for them to be installed, so they will sit in our garage for a while.

Feels like we are in the home stretch now and I am so glad because I am really getting tired of making decisions and having to monitor everybody's work. Really looking forward to moving in in May and getting to enjoy the summer in the new house!

DH worked on our reclaimed beam over the weekend that we got for our fireplace mantel in the great room. I really like how it turned out. :)

Here is my board/batten wall with primer and with the railings for the loft and basement stairs installed.

Front of house with sunset behind, so it looks a bit dark, but at least there's no more of that primed yellow!

Back of house painted (of course, still needs decking and deck railing)

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Well things went much better today. The drywall taper was here today and we talked for a bit without any language issues. He understands the plan and I'm comfortable with how that's going now. I

Final measurements were taken by the cabinet guys so they can get going. They mentioned that the floor to ceiling measurements were excellent which was nice because I personally hung each joist. They will be ready before I am from the way they talked.

Some have said they don't understand how I can DIY the whole thing. I feel the opposite way. It's so stressful when one of the things that are subbed out don't go correctly the first time. I'm not sure how everyone else is able to deal with it.

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Wow! There is so much progress on here that I just cannot keep up!
@maggie - I agree with JDez, sounds like it is time for another meeting! I cannot imagine how stressful this build has been for you!

JDez- I say leave the ? Space empty for now, live in the home for a couple months and then decide what you really need the space for!

XC60- Love those foyer lanterns!

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finally got around to getting my videos uploaded to youtube. here is the Basement Wall Forms Time Lapse Video...happy building...

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall Forms - Time Lapse

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And here is the basement wall pour time lapse video...

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall Pour - Time Lapse

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kelli - I totally understand going over! We have already gone over and we have just started!! Our builder gave us a padded bid. More than we expected but I'd rather be surprised at the beginning than at the end. They say to plan on going 20% over what your GC tells you in the beginning anyway.

Jdez - I agree that the little nook is the perfect place for a little desk. We are doing something similar off our back staircase. We are going to have our kids' computer there so we can keep an eye on them while they are online. :)

mommytoty - I loooooove all of your pictures!! How exciting! Your house color is so pretty!

I have more pictures for you today! The workers got there bright and early (around 7:15 am) and stayed until almost 6 pm!! I had my neighbor run over and take some pics for me since I couldn't see what was going on in the "hole". They got sooooooooo much done today!!! I'm not exactly sure WHAT they did but it looks impressive. :)

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mommytoty- so beautiful! I love that B/B wall!

Is your reclaimed timber cedar? We are doing the exact same thing for our mantle! LOVE it! I have to decide how we are 'finishing' it, kwim? Are you staining yours? I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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JDez- looking at your plan I wasn't able to figure out where your main entrance is....and where your family entrance is (presumable from the garage?) I think what you do with that extra space kind of depends on those things. It looks like you already have a drop zone on the plan- it that correct? you could always make that extra space an extension of the drop zone- I like the phone idea- that space is a little more accessible and visible from the dining/kitchen than the space you have labeled 'drop zone'.

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Illini- the family entrance is from the back porch through those double doors. We will have a covered carport attached to the back of the house, no garage.

Mommytoty- I love your house.

Robyn- Your crew made a lot of progress in one day. You should have a house to look at pretty soon.

Here is a picture I took of the front entrance from the inside in our family room:

And here is a picture of the upstairs bonus room that we will finish after the build:

The electrician is starting electrical rough-in today. He is a one man crew so he will be working all week. Happy Tuesday all.

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Jdez - Nice pictures!! Love it! I can't wait to see your finishes. You are getting there!

I woke up this morning and just checked my camera. There are already 6 cars & trucks there. Lots of activity this week. I'll be out in 4 weeks to see it all in person and to pick my windows. Fun stuff!!

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Here’s a recent photo of a 2,000 s.f. addition to a house from 1920 adapted from the Post Medieval English style of the early New England colonies. The 75 ft long structure in the left rear houses a lap pool added in the 80's. the addition is everything between the lap pool and the main 2 story house. The idea was to hide the large addition in the rear to gain the approval of the local historic commission.

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Been awhile since I posted, I had to put things on hold for awhile to deal with something personal but if all goes I should be moving in next month.Trim will be done end of this week, tile completed next week, as well as all electrical trims.

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Renovator- Very nice addition. It'll look its been there as long as the house has been there. I love the windows.

Pors- Look at you almost done...I love your old style trim.

Robyn- I'll bet you can't wait for the next four weeks to fly by so you can get out there.

Question for everyone, my door guy asked what kind of door stops we want. Am I supposed to match the door knobs that are black or am I supposed to match the baseboards that will be white? And he asked how many hinged ones we want. Does anyone know where I need to use hinged ones at? I really hadn't thought about door stops at all.

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The builds are looking great!

Renovator8, the addition looks terrific -- have to admit I'm partial to the green ;-). Do you mind sharing what is going to happen in that lower corner next to the garage?

We are finishing drywall. I am not enjoying this stage of building, too many selections and I find "shopping" more frustrating than rewarding. If I might vent for a moment about California Title 24 -- I think it's fine for the state to mandate energy savings and green building but think that it is not optimal to dictate How To Do It. That just forces folks to follow one set of rules and fails to encourage innovation. They could just require a certain percentage of demonstrated energy savings, a threshold for VOCs, etc. and let folks figure out the best way to comply for any individual project. (Off the soapbox now.)

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JDez- Thanks for the information about looking at the numbers again. I'm reallllly hoping something was charged twice or something. I know our overage amount isn't too bad, but it definitely hurts when we weren't made known of it until now.
As for doorstops, we did just the simple ones that go on top of the upper door hinge. I wanted our doors to not slam into anything and I also hated having door stops screwed into our nice base boards. What's nice is they are easy to remove and replace if for some reason you need the door to open even further than normal.

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Thanks Kells. That must be the hinged type. I think I'll get that kind and skip the closet doors that are usually closed. And yes, search through those numbers because I check everytime we receive an invoice or a statement from the bank and I have already caught some mistakes and the bank has helped me find my own mistakes too. Even if you find a mistake that only recovers a few dollars, it still helps, if you are on a tight budget like we are.

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Oaktown, I just wanted to say I hear you on the California Title 24 and your frustration as to how they expect you to do something. I think they are trying to make the city inspection job easier. If there is only one way of doing it is easier on them.

Kellie, Sorry about the overages. You are right that if something was increasing your cost they should have told you before doing it so you could see if there is an alternative to reduce the cost. Our contractor did something similar the other day in regards to some plumbing issue and he should have told me as I had an alternative already in my head that could have saved us half the cost.

Jdez, Your house is looking great. I think other had a great suggestion for what to do with the small area. I personally like the thought of a small desk/mail/phone area.

Autumn and Mommytoty, Your mudroom built-ins are looking great. I wish we had the space for something like that.

Lori, Hope you survived the move :). I am dreading ours but also excited at the same time.

Hoosier, Two years of cabinet building takes a lot of patience. Kudos to your DH.

On our front they are finishing up the trim and the painter has started painting the ceilings. The goal is for the painting to be completed by end of this week. Lets see how that goes.
we heard back from the fabricator that the two slabs will be enough so a sigh of relief or it would have cost us 2000 dollars more.

Our target finish date is April 11th. Let us see if they reach it. Have my fingers crossed.

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HobbFamily--Great videos! I had high hopes of taking progression pics from the same spot, but quickly lost my enthusiasm for it because some days the progress did not seem sufficient to photograph or there were weather issues, etc. Nice that you've stuck with it!

robynstamps--Amazing progress! They are really moving at a nice clip.

illinigirl--The reclaimed beam is fir. I am still mulling over how to finish it. We need to let it dry out a bit more, so I think we'll probably install it natural and give it some time to dry out and me some time to decide what I want to do and then finish it after installation. I need to do some research, but I'd like to keep it a light and almost a driftwood look. Keep me posted on what you decide!

JDez--Framing is coming along great!

akshars--Wow, you are down to 2 weeks!! Keeping fingers crossed for you!! :)

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That addition looks awesome, like it's always been there. If that was what you were trying for, mission accomplished!

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Hi Everyone, I must say everyone's homes are looking great!

I'm so very sorry I don't comment too much on this thread, we have really slow internet at our temporary apartment and I use my iPad or phone to come on to the forum and it's really hard to go back and look at everyone's photos and comment as it takes so long to load and I often lose my posts when I reply....... So a great big apology from me, I really do read all your posts and enjoy looking at your progress pics. :) Can't wait to be on a desktop and fast Internet again. :)

Today our house was supposed to be finish, but our possession is not till the 24th of next month. Which is a very good thing as there are so many things left to do and the mistakes continue. Shakes head, it's getting to the point of being ridiculous.

This weeks first issue is the pot lights in kitchen are not centered above the island and in front of the stove. When the kitchen had to be reworked due to a mess up we lost 12sq ft of kitchen space and cabinets had to be moved over. The electricians were supposed to move the lights for new kitchen configuration and didn't. Our non-existent site sup never bothered to make sure they were moved before drywall. We never noticed as we've been so busy with all the other mistakes and it was not noticeable until the island and cabinets were in place.

When I called the owner of our building company he said it was our fault for not mentioning it before drywall, we were told it was moved and I told the builder it was not our job to constantly find or prevent their mistakes or make sure things are done right, it was his. Now we are at the position to fix this, the ceilings would have to be scraped, lights moved and ceiling retextured at this late stage and worry the ceilings won't look worse. Or leave the lights alone off centered. Grrrrr

Second issue this week, is they cut the holes in a couple of our bathroom counters for the wrong sink and new countertops need to be ordered. So that delays the plumbing install. Hopefully there will be no damage to the cabinets or walls when they are removed. Unreal.

But we have carpet, and a soccer ball light, lol

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xc60, i'm so sorry for this agony, but selfishly i'm glad i'm not alone in this! don't cave on the can lights - those will drive you nuts if they're not centered!

there are a bunch of landscaping errors that i'm hopeful will be sorted out tomorrow. wrong trees planted, a tree planted right up against the foundation of our 1 story so it will grow up through the gutters and roof. dripline irrigation system is wrong size/shape for the bed it's supposed to water...

still nobody back to fix the grout in shower or plumbing fixtures - master shower and kitchen sink for those keeping track.

still no sign of painters or final gutters. painters are a week late - my builder thinks they're going to bail on the finish work. our walk through is supposed to be a week from friday and the painters have a week of work to do. not looking good!

today they installed the wrong bath hardware in the guest house, and actually removed the tape marking where the hardware should be hung and they chose their own different walls to hang them - there's a towel ring hung just a few inches about an electrical outlet. good idea! and it's all chrome and should be oil rubbed bronze.

that said, we have plants, we have sod, we have hardware installed, so it's progress. but as usual, 2 steps forward and i'm not even sure how many steps back!

i said to my builder today, the list is getting longer by the day and the days are going fast. he said he wasn't worried and i said "i know! - i think i'd feel better if you WERE a little more worried. instead of confidence it comes off as indifference!"

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Oaktown, here is the design perspective. there is a side entrance recessed under the addition.

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We are busy with trim work. Working on building out the closets the last few days. Also apparently the masons came yesterday and bricked the fireplace. We'll have a traditional mantel made of antique cypress.

Love seeing everyone's progress!

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Everything is looking lovely! So many beautiful homes, and views and details :)

We finally started digging!!!

How do I post more than one picture in a post? I can't seem to figure it out, ha ha!

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One more, since it was such a lovely sight ;)

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Everything is looking so good! Robyn, OMG your crew is really moving!

We are getting roofing applied this week and my latest conundrum is the fireplace. There is a weird corner once you take into account the depth of the fireplace unit so we are trying to tackle the layout. We also planned for the TV above the fireplace but after checking out BTU specs I think it will be too hot. Why is this so hard? :)

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Renovator8, that is quite elegant, thanks for sharing.

xc60, I sympathize as I seem to be on a slow connection at home, too. If there are too many posts on a thread I get no pictures, or worse yet, bombed out. Hope your builder is able to move your recessed lights for you.

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Things have been moving along surely but SLOWLY. The gas meter finally got put in today so the heat should be on later this afternoon or tomorrow. The hardwood floors arrived on Friday and they need to acclimate for 2 weeks before they can be installed. Meanwhile, the electricians have been working and they are almost finished. The plumbers need to come install all the plumbing fixtures. I think they have been our least dependable trade. For the past 2 weeks, they say they will be here but they never show up.

Unlike many of you here, our project manager and builder will not give us a target completion date. My husband and I keep asking and we guess but he never specifies a date. He did say that he will be ready for the landscaper in 6 weeks.

I feel like we are so close to being finished but there are still so many little things that need to be done. Drywall needs to be repaired and the painters still have a lot of touch up that needs to be done. We were hoping to be in by the beginning of May but I'm thinking mid May to end of May now.

Family room

Boy bedroom #1

Laundry room

Master bath - claw foot tub sits in front of that wall

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lzwong- Your fixtures are to die for. I can't wait to shop for lights!

Ok, I am having an issue. We need to pick a fireplace width, stone and built-in options. They need to incorporate a TV. Anyone have any layout suggestions? Ceilings are 13 ft. Fireplace wall is 15ft long and the depth to the left of the FP is 12" at best due to an adjacent window. Proportion, style and function are what I am trying to balance. We originally had TV over the FP but now I think to the left would be better. Help.

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Hopefully this is closer. I struggle with technology.

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No time to read and 'catch up'...middle school orientation in 20 minutes. I can't believe my oldest is starting middle school next year!

Mfatt-so our room is 19x16. We have built ins on either side, tv on cabinet to the right (each side I think is about 40"), fireplace and stone surround is 6' wide. Maybe these pics will help? If a front on pic would be helpful to you, let me know. This was as best as I could get since there is a saw I was trying to get OUT of the pic frame.
edit: our TV is not huge so 40" works for us - it's only 36" wide.

So this is as far as we got. We couldn't finish, waiting for corbels to come and they did arrive today but we need to stain them before we can put them up.

side view:

Front with sneak peak and cabinet (soft white same as kitchen perimeter):

Okay - gotta run. I will be back at some point. Long working days which is great for sleeping - crash once my head hits the pillow!

oh - mantel fwiw - our old one (pic above somewhere) was reclaimed beech I think. We only used formsby's tung oil on it. It didn't change the color much at all and I really liked it. Not shiny.

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I like the proportion of stone to insert on the front. Thanks for responding.

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When we purchased our lot last June 1, DH told his brother (our GC) that he wanted to be in by his birthday. His birthday is next week, and we're still waiting on permits.

I want to scream at people who work at city hall. It's their job to ensure that whatever gets built is appropriate to the neighbourhood. But they are simply following a set of rules without using any common sense with regards to what is best for the neighbourhood. We have requested to build a 3 story house. It's an inner city property, on a ridge, and the 3rd floor will have views of the city skyline. The city is charging us for a "partial city view" on our taxes. Without a 3rd floor, there is no "partial city view". The houses across the street have a full view, but the only way we can get a view is if we can look over them.

There is a formula for the maximum height of the house. Simplified, if there are single story houses on either side of you, you can build a 2 story house. If there are 2 story houses on either side of you, you can build a 3 story house. Otherwise, you have to ask permission and let the community association, neighbours and city councilman have their say. Then the city planner gets to decide on your request.

In our case, we are on the corner, so instead of just taking the 2 story house next door as our baseline and giving us approval, they actually consider the height of 4 houses to the one side. And the houses to other side of our 2 story neighbour are all 1 story. They are the last 3 single story houses left on the block. Every other one has been torn down and replaced with at least 2 stories. So it's pretty reasonable to assume that they will be gone within 10 years. (One of them is occupied by the original neighbourhood developer, he's in his 90s.) So, if we wait, we don't even have to ask permission to get a 3rd story. But we'd rather not wait.

The neighbours have had a chance to comment, and they were silent. The community association has no complaint. The councilman has no complaints (at least not about the height.) In fact, the neighbours are just desperate to get something built there. It's been an empty lot for 2 years. Over grown with weeds and the spot for jerks to dump garbage. So it should be a slam dunk, no?

No. The city planners want a justification. They should only need a justification to sway them if they have to decide between conflicting parties. But their procedure book says that we need to provide justification. So even though it might mean another year of living next to an abandoned lot for the neighbours, they're following their procedures. (We have to break ground before Aug, or we wait until next spring, as it will be snowing again in September.)

The comments from the city councilman are to suggest things we've already asked for and the city planners have rejected. ??? Do these people talk to each other at all? They work in the same building!

And now for the humourous development.

We submitted plans to window/door companies for quotes. (Because it's something we can do with only our partial plans and no permits). They pointed out that we had spec'd 4' wide exterior doors. The max anyone makes standard is 42". So we asked the architect why we had such wide doors. Because DH commented that he wanted to be sure that our doors weren't so narrow that we couldn't get furniture in. Did the architect know nobody makes 48" doors? "Oh yeah, you'll have to get these custom made."
#1, we don't have any unusually large furniture that we need to get in. 42" is sufficient.
#2, we have an 8' wide patio door that should accommodate any obscenely large TV that DH buys in the future.
#3, we don't need ALL doors to be able to accommodate extra large furniture.
#4, he also spec'd two 4' wide doors on the garage. That's in addition to the 16' wide doors for getting the CARS through.

So, he spec'd an extra $40k in custom doors based on an offhand comment, and didn't bother to check if that's what we really wanted. I'm still at the point where I find this hysterical. :)

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autumn! squeeeeeeal! looooove what you have going on with the fireplace and built ins! I'll take that sneak peak!

great great job. Can't wait to see it finish out.

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I know everyone talks about going over, but it scares me when you mention being billed for things that weren’t mentioned. Can you explain a little more what things those were for you? I asked the building manager last week if we were up to date on all change orders/additional charges, and she said yes, but I am still nervous. We would be in big trouble if we got a surprise $9500 bill at the end. Or even half that.

JDez, I think a built-in bookcase would be really nice, or the messaging center.

Mommytoty, LOVE your exterior house color. That blue is gorgeous!

Robyn, so cool to see such big changes so quickly!

Xc60 and MaggiePie, those mess-ups are ridiculous. Are these not professionals? It is crazy how this is rampant in the industry. We have had several mistakes too already and are doing our best to check everything, but we don’t know what we don’t know. I am worried about missing something like xc60’s off center can lights that are not easy fixes later.

We’ve had several weeks of not much done it seems. Did get shingles this week and front door today. :)

I am frustrated with our cabinet choices. Our builder uses a vender who deals in Merillat cabinets only. On top of that the vender charges full list price. I’ve read on these boards and elsewhere that these types of cabinets should be able to be purchased at 40-50% off list price. Sure enough, I called a few other cabinet places and the exact same cabinets are 50% less than the builder’s charge. I understand they will take some markup, but this seems ridiculous. The builder will not let us go elsewhere.

The door style is Portrait, which is shaker-style, in a maple painted off-white. We will basically be paying $5000 more for the same cabinets through the builder’s vender. This is a lot for us. While it is a full overlay door, this doesn’t include any upgrades like dovetail drawers, soft close, plywood boxes, glass doors, ect.

I am considering upgrading with the builder only enough to get the 42” uppers and a couple of drawer bases in their basic, standard line, “Essentials”. Then after move-in, order full overlay shaker-style doors from an online store like Barkers, solid wood doors and already professionally painted. Then just paint the boxes ourselves (with full overlay doors and side panels, our un-professional paint on the boxes would be hardly seen, I would think).

Any opinions on this? I should probably post this question on the kitchen forums as well. We only have a couple of weeks to decide.

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Great progress everyone!!

Skyangel - Love your doors!!! I still have a while to decide on those. Thanks for the inspiration!

amberm - Wow! What an ordeal!! I'm so sorry your city is giving you so much grief. I hope you can get it situated soon!

Autumn - LOVE your fireplace!!! Keep the pictures coming!

lzhwong - GORGEOUS lighting!!! I'm impressed!

ladybrowncoat - I love your pictures! We broke ground just 2 weeks ago and it has gone by so fast! I'm excited to share this journey with you.

jackson - Great looking fireplace!!

xc60 - I hope you get your lighting in the kitchen worked out. What a pain for you to go through!! You are almost to the finish line. Dig deep and hang in there!!

Okay, so here is my update. They took off the basement wall forms today and all I can say is WOW!!! I have places for windows and can already imagine what they will look like!! My awesome neighbor went over and took more pics for me today. The next week will be plumbing and electrical so nothing exciting there. Middle of next week the excavator will be back to backfill the outside foundation walls. Then by the end of next week they will be laying the ground concrete for the basement, garage, and patio. Fun stuff! Are you ready for my awesome pictures??!! Do you all remember being this giddy in the beginning? Annoying, right?!

I can't wait to see all your progress! More pictures everyone!!


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lzhwong: I like that light fixture in your bedroom #1 pic. Can you share the details?

MFatt: RE your TV placement. I too am not a fan of the TV over the fireplace. It looks nice, but from a seated position you end up with your neck craned upwards for long periods of time. Like sitting int he front row of a movie theater. To the left of the fireplace looks wide enough, but the only potential issue I see there is that it's the other side of a bedroom wall. If someone goes to bed early there, they'll hear the TV thru the wall. What about along that 8' wall to the right of your fireplace? It backup up to a closet, which should help sound transmission. You could have a sofa facing the fireplace, and another facing the TV, in an L arrangement.

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dh is back to work today after some time off to work on the house so we will have a few me only days of work which means SLOW - back to sanding and maybe priming the built ins. I have a few interviews scheduled so that cuts into my time (I am not complaining) also. I do have to say that so far.......I am not missing work, lol!

lori oh lori - are you in? Are you sitting on the porch drinking a beer? Are you buried under boxes? What's the scoop - tell us how it is on the 'other side'......

skyangel-oh that is a huge bummer. How maddening. :( Can you show him your quote and see if he can come down on cost - that seems so unreasonable! I can only say from my perspective at this point in the build, to have all those cabinets to rework might be more than you bargained for? I'm not trying to dissuade you but once you get to this point it just seems soooo busy. But we are diying a lot so maybe not for you. We are actually deciding what to do NOW and what to do after we move in so we can just move in darn it! Love your door and window above. Beautiful!

robyn-I can feel your big fat grin from here giddy girl. That is awesome progress. I can't wait to see it go up and I see that rounded footing - staircase or??? :)

amberm-well if there is a silver lining to that nonsense it's that at least it's not the other way around where all of the doors were way too small, custom and now you will have a huge $ outlay to fix them. You will have some serious savings there and that ROCKS! As for the ordinances and all that red tape, ack - I don't know how you are staying so calm. I am exasperated for you!

mfatt-you are welcome, so timely as I was logging on to post our progress of the fireplace. We built those walls out because I didn't want large built ins to fill with stuff and because anything over a 36" cabinet would need a center stile for support or we'd need 2 separate cabinets and we didn't want to spend anymore on that. So that is how we arrived at where we are with our built in sizing. There are many pics of built ins with tv to the side. I'll post a couple if it's helpful. Also our master is opposite that wall also but I'm not too worried about it. We insulated the interior walls there and I guess we just don't watch a ton of TV. As the kids get older we may put another tv in the basement I guess?

Traditional Living Room by Charleston Interior Designers & Decorators LORRAINE G VALE, Allied ASID

Transitional Family Room by Atlanta Architects & Designers Castro Design Studio

Transitional Living Room by Grandville Interior Designers & Decorators Dwellings

illini-thank you, I am so excited to see more finished materials! I have to say next to the primed white walls the cabinets are so creamy I kind of panicked but I think it will be fine. :) Have you seen babushka cat's kitchen with the calacutta gold? It is so pretty, the back splash is definitely more cream though. Here is her kitchen preview Babushka Cat Kitchen Preview and another thread with more close up pics and her slab, Do you like quiet marble?.

jdez-that bonus room is huge! :D Looks like they are moving right along! Ummm, when you are winging it on your own it's pretty easy to change something on the fly, or say when you realized that what you had originally thought isn't gonna work, hahaha! BIL was supposed to do the built in's but he is on a job that went from minor update to major overhaul so he is really busy right now. We thought we might as well take a stab at it after seeing mommytoty's and watching a few you tube videos. We have the tools so why not, materials were about $600 - a far cry from having them built for us so we'll take the oops's and lessons learned imperfections for the $ savings. After the mudroom we thought man we can do our own closets...but we are going to wait until we are in I think. We need to keep moving on other stuff. Our dog would make a mess out of that built in too - beard drips terrible after drinking. I am kind of liking hoosiers idea of using a stand alone at least at first instead of something permanent. Live with the space a while maybe?

lz-love those lights and that wainscotting. Swoon!

mommytoty-love the board and batten and that bonus loft space, that is so cool!

schiksal-I think if I am not mistaken - on the link to the stone there are some customer images of those who used the product and one of them was a wall like you are talking. Very nice. I can say it cut very nicely with the wet saw and because it's solid all the way through the cuts look good too. We did open several boxes at once to make sure we varied the coloring. Some boxes were fairly similar within that box but lots of variation between boxes. Our last fireplace with the cultured stone we did do a thicker cement board and a scratch coat of mortar - dh reminded me of that so I thought I'd share in case it matters.

I love seeing all the of the pics. So different and still such great eye candy no matter what your style is. :)

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skyangel- Well tonight we are going to go over every invoice from our builder. I don't even know yet how we can be this much over. Basically our builder is going to have to eat some cost because we signed a contract saying he's do the house for such and such an amount and he went over even though this whole time he kept saying we'd be under. There are only a couple things that we asked to change but it was minimal. The HVAC guy went up 1000 dollars on his original bid which is ridiculous. A bid is a bid, I say. Plumbing was lower while electrical was a little higher. We expected to be a little over maybe a couple thousand for some unforseen costs and all the draws have been pretty much on. Tonight, hopefully we can get it straightened out.

Another big thing happened yesterday. I was at work and I get an email from our utility office (small town) and the lady is like I don't want to scare you but your house has used a TON of electricity. 900 dollars worth since middle of january! I about puked and ran home and met with the linemen. Turns out that temporary electric furnances take a lot of wattage and since this winter has been so awful, it has been running more than usual. So now we have to convert our furnace to LP and get a temporary tank hooked up until we can get natural gas in the spring. I was exhausted after running around town getting this set up.

SO that's my fun. Could be worse... just keep swimming!A year from now these issues won't even matter. haaaa.

But the good news is that we get to move in this weekend because the inspector dropped off the sign off at the city hall. WOOT!

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kelli-OH NO! We had our utilities ran in the nick of time before winter hit. That is so scary. I thought paying two sets of utilities was a pain in the neck but that right there takes the cake. Re overages, our largest was excavating, by a long shot. I agree with you - a quote is a quote unless you change or add something that wasn't included. It seems with excavating it was - well it was our best estimate (farce do you not do this for a living and you can't get closer than THAT?) it's really hard to say, blah blah blah blah. So we went over a couple or 3 thousand and still have more to do. I don't even want to think about it! Everything else we padded line by line and so far we've had some over slightly and some under so we should net out okay. We basically set the build over what we intend and hope to end up borrowing, but it's there just in case. I think you are right on the year from now statement. I am sure we will all be so relaxed by then, can't wait! Hehehe!

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Thank you all for your suggestions on our "mystery space". I mentioned it to my parents and they said they might come up with something nice for a housewarming gift to put in that little corner. Heck yeah!

Yay Ladybrowncoat!

Yay Robyn, please continue to share your giddyness (is that a word?)!

Boo Mfatt...don't you hate it when these design dilemmas sneak up on you. I live in the hot and humid South so if it was me, I would just take out the window thats in the way or change it to be a short window set at about 8 feet up on the wall. Then the TV and all of its goodies will have plenty of room in the built-ins.

LoriB? Autumn is asking for the scoop but the rest of us are demanding it! Please tell me your not buried under a stack of heavy moving

Yay Kells! WOOT WOOT on the inspector's sign off! Don't let the financial strain ruin the joy of moving in to your new house. It will all work out for the best.

Lzhwong- Looks like you'll be the next one to move in if xc60 keeps sharing workers with Maggiepie. Your home looks awesome.

Boo Amberm- Tangled in the red tape are you? Keep your chin up. When it finally happens, it will all be worth it.

Skyangel- I've seen some nice looking Merillat cabs on Houzz. Too bad the vendor has that outrageous mark-up. I have heard of people here that fought for the right to buy their cabs elsewhere and they were able to do so after a bit of grief. So if its important to you, it might be do-able.

Hilltop- What's the word, Thunderbird?

Jackson-your fireplace looks so cozy.

Autumn4- your fireplace is looking really good. You and DH are moving along pretty fast with your DIY projects. I'm really impressed. We are going to DIY a few things. We plan on putting in the insulation, doing the interior painting and all of the bathroom tile and kitchen backsplash. We will probably end up doing the floors too. Then there's that upstairs bonus room to do after we move in. We have NO experience with any of it but maybe someday we will have the money to fix the things that we screw up

Speaking of money...I took my car in for an oil change and tire rotation yesterday and I was told that they can not rotate my tires because two of them are warped and could blow at any minute. So, it looks like my countertop stash will take a hit because I have to buy new tires. Dang the bad luck!

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Jdez- Thanks! Speaking of tires.. we had to replace both our car's tires just before christmas... Sucks right! thankfully they last a while... hopefully. ha!

Autumn- Yes I'm ready to relax.. what is that?

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Personally I think tires should last the life of the vehicle....and I'm not kidding. Ha!

jdez-that would be a great house warming gift. Woot woot! Well over the years we have tried a few things that we decided we'd never do again, either because it looked completely awful or because we wanted to stay married. The one thing that was just too much was drywall - hanging and finishing. We tried it in the garage when we decided to finish it off. We were newishly married and no kids. It did not go well and it did not look good (seams). Ceiling was high and I am just not strong enough to hold it up there and add in a ladder - are you KIDDING ME? So when we did our basement we did hang it and it went better than the last time but we paid to have it finished. Plumbing is another that dh tinkered with but in the end we hire it out. He has done electrical before and will finish out our basement in that regard at some point. Most things though have been in the 'yeah I'd do that again column'. :)

Kelli-well I'm not sure but you should be there before me so you can try it out and then let me know!

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Uh oh...I must already be at the "I don't care" stage. The electrician called and said the pendants that I plan on putting over the island in the kitchen will end up not looking right because they are centered over the island and the island is not in the exact center of the kitchen because of the two feet of perimeter cabinets on one wall. So the lights will look like they are off-center. I told him to wire them anyway. I really don't care if I have pendants or not. I am more upset about the $600 fee for the water meter installation that I think is just ridiculous for about an hour of work. If digging a well was less than $600, we'd be digging tomorrow

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Oicu: My husband did think of that arrangement but that wall is the only traffic pattern to the bedrooms down that hall so we had crossed it off the list. I will revisit this idea though, to break up the fireplace and the TV so they don’t compete might be smart.

Autum: I love the last picture you posted. I am pretty attached to the TV next to the fireplace now that I have been looking at inspiration pics. Hubby has decided he would like to crane his neck. We are meeting the HVAC guy our there today and will look at the walls again.

JDez- I am seriously thinking of removing it. It won’t even really be uneven after we do full depth built-ins. I wish I was more of a visualizer, this shouldn’t be so hard but its making my pea brain explode.

On a positive, I love my shingle color and the roofing sub is lightning fast! Our roof is a bit complicated but they think its gonna be a 2 day job with a double crew and today is #2.

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Autumn, The fireplace looks great. I am also amazed all the work you are accomplishing by doing yourself. Your cabinet sneak peak looks great. Can't wait to see all your cabinets installed.

Jdez, I think you can adjust the pendents once they are wired. We have wired for three pendents and not sure how they will lineup. We will know in the next 10 days. Sorry about the 600 dollars unexpected fee for the water meter and the tire replacement.

Robyn, Your making great progress and can't get enough of your views.

Skyangel, Not sure what to advice you the cabinet front. Good luck with it.

MFatt16, Your house is looking great with the shingles. In regards to the TV placement we are doing next to fireplace like Autumn.

lzwhong, I love all the light fixtures and finishes you have going. It is interesting how different builder operate. We have flooring but no paint or counter tops yet.

I am really feeling stressed right now and I think I am ready to scream.
We are supposed to be done by April 11th but I can't see how we will be done. The painter is taking for ever. He is supposed to be finished by end of this week but did not show up for work yesterday and he is still painting the trim and not started on the wall yet.
We are supposed to have exterior stucco and driveway done this week but could not be done due to rain :(. We have had no rain most of the winter and now when we need it to be sunny for a week we have rain for the next whole week.

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oicu812 - The light fixture in Bedroom #1 is from RH Baby&Child. It is the orbital small pendant in pewter.

akshars_mom - I also find it interesting how different builders schedule the various trades. We are waiting for hardwoord floors downstairs and carpet upstairs. The plumbers still have to install the faucets and I think someone is coming next week to install the sheet mirrors in the master and the closet shelving in the linen closets. Have they started pouring your concrete forms for the driveway?

Lots of beautiful homes! I'm so impressed with all the DIY'ers out there. My husband and I aren't particularly handy but he is installing some laminate flooring in the upstairs kids playroom.

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lzhwong's can I ask what stone you used on your fireplace, I am in love with it.

I will be joining in soon. We should have our final building permit by the end of next week, thank goodness and can finally get started on clearing the lot an building.

We put our house in the market, and holy jenkies it sold in 2 weeks, so we are moving into an apartment in a month, but I am glad this process will be over as we start to build, so not much overlap.

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I'm suppose to know the size and type of every window and door by tomorrow ( and where they are to be placed) for the framers. How do I do this?? We have decided on Andersen either 400 or A series. How did you go about this big decision????

Robyn- how big is your house? The walls look great.

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doctor - Do you have a plan you are working off of? That is what I am using. I am flying out to meet with my builder and the window company we are using in a few weeks. We are going to go room by room and fine tune all the windows and doors. I had to make sure that my basement windows were picked already, though. At least the sizes.

Our home is roughly 6700 sq ft not counting the basement. We are only finishing about 1200 sq ft of the basement. Unfinished is 3000 sq ft. (But, shhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone the size. We are keeping it a secret! lol!)


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doctor, in windows there are different types. Do you know what type you want. The type are casements, double hung, single hung and sliders. The sizes of windows depends on the room and what the exterior has and how much light you want. You also have to account for furnture placement. You also have to consider how the windows look from an exterior elevation perspective. If the windows do not lineup or placed randomly the exterior will look off.
Usually the sizes and types of windows is determined at the planning stage and the Plan should include the dimensions.

If you already have the window sizes in the plan and it is only minor tweaks that you want walk through the space and see if you need any changes. Good luck,

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I just got my carpet and wood floor sample in this week. When I picked out my carpet it was a good combination of gray and beige. The sample looks way gray now that I've received it. My new house will have a lot of light so I wonder if it will look as gray. I want to be able to pull gray and beige out of my house colors. What do you think?

I looooove my crackle gray tile!! I cannot wait to see this in my finished home. Still have a ways to go for that one!

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Witchdoctor, if you look at your plans, it should show you every window size that you need. It is up to you if you decide to change any of them. For example, this is what my plans show for our kitchen window:

It gives the size of the window as (2) 2553 DH. The (2) means it is a double window (some people call it a twin window). The 2553 tells you the size of each single window, so it would be 25 inches wide and 53 inches tall. The DH stands for Double Hung. So the plans tell you the R.O. (Rough Opening size), this is the size of the hole that the builder cuts in the wall, the size of the actual window and the type of window. So you would tell your window people that you need a double 2553 double hung for the kitchen window. We chose to change ours to a standard size to save money. We changed it to a (2) 2448 with a 4'x4' rough opening. Here is a picture of it:

Oh and we also changed it to single hung to save even more money. Just look at your plans, make one list of all the windows you need. Call your builder and make sure he didn't change anything without you knowing about it and you should be good to go.

EDIT: I just realized that you said you needed to know for your framers. I'm assuming they have a copy of your plans. They probably just need to know if you want to change any of them before they cut the rough openings.

This post was edited by JDez on Thu, Mar 27, 14 at 21:26

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Robyn - On my screen, the carpet sample looks dark gray. I don't see beige at all.

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jenniekehr - The fireplace stone is 3D illusion tile from Glass Tile.
Here is the link:

The electricians finished up today. 2 of my lights are on back order so they will install those later when they come back to finish installing some other things. He also installed our induction cooktop and steam oven.


Thermador mirror finish induction cooktop

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MFatt, Our TV in our current house is above the FP. I don't move my head to look at it, I just tilt my eyes up. I am often sitting with my laptop on my lap while watching TV, so it's actually nice that the TV is not directly behind my computer screen. In the new house, the FP is going in the dining room to avoid competition. :) In your layout, if you don't want it above the FP, I would put it to the left.

I also love your shingles. What colour are they?

Robyn, I can imagine how excited you are. What are the arches in the middle? It seems like an odd shape for a foundation. There must be something cool gong above that?

Autumn, we don't have our firm budget yet, so it doesn't really mean extra money. It's not like we thought we were going to have to spend $40k that we are now saving. More like while setting up the budget, we discovered a $40k item was spec'd that we aren't going to be adding in.

I am working on the quotes that I can. Pretty much done the kitchen and bathrooms and flooring. But a lot of them we were told won't quote until we have final build drawings. I realized this week that a lot of people in the industry don't understand the various types of drawings required for permits. So while we don't have drawings showing how the house is to be framed, where electrical will go, etc, so we can't get quotes for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation or foundation. We have a set of drawings that shows the city exact dimensions of the exterior and what we intend it to look like. So we absolutely can get quotes on roofing and siding.

Here's a rendering of the house from the front. It's a whole lot more modern than what I usually see on here. I personally would have gone more Victorian or farm house style. But DH wanted modern, and all the newer houses in the neighbourhood are modern, so he won. I at least got my front porch.

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Jdez - I know, right!! Looks way too gray! I'm going to have to pick another color. Nothing is set in stone with the flooring until I have to sign it off. I've picked most of it though.

amberm - It's our spiral staircase. We are only doing the spiral on the upper floor but they are setting it up in case we want to finish out the basement spiral later. We won't but it will be good for resale in case we need to sell. We will have a back staircase for the basement and the upstairs that will be less formal.

Here's a pic of the spiral staircase. We have it in the house that we just sold and our new build is based off of that house.

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P.S. I think your modern home is going to look super cool Amberm!

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Thanks, Robyn. The circular stair case is cool, too!

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amber-ah, gotcha. I'd keep plugging away at everything you can now in hopes that it will be less work later. Are you finding that the quotes are good for a long enough time that you won't have to re-quote? Even at quote stage it's nice to see a large number going down instead of UP. That is a very modern home - very cool. I can't wait to see it take shape IRL. :) We live in a rural area and there is a newer home (a year old I think) that popped up - ultra modern with metal siding, very industrial. It's a very cool house when you look right at it but I have to say it stands out in an awkward way when you zoom out and see it sitting amongst fields and farm houses, it just doesn't 'fit'. It is a much more urban design and I wonder how it would do for resale in this area. So I think sticking to what the area lends itself to is not a bad idea...even thought that means dh wins! So that roof top porch you have going on there, how cool is that! I think I'd hang out there all day. I like the new old farm houses and victorian - heck I like so many things if I combined them all into one space it'd be something out of Dr. Seuss! I hope the ball gets rolling for you so you can just get started already!

lz-oh look at that kitchen, those windows, all that light! Love it! And - your sun room with the round window - so cool!

akshars-so is the cabinet install going better? Hugs. I'm not sure how they pull all this stuff off in such a short time but I am hoping it stays on track for you! Thanks for the kind words on the cabinet. I am sure it will be fine but next to that primer oh boy so very creamy. I do like it with the fireplace though for sure.

robyn-so yesterday I only saw gray in the carpet - today I see more of a beige (must be hazy eyes this morning, lol) especially when next to the gray painted sample. We also are trying to pull a greige so we can go either way and it was tricky. There was a Mohawk Carpet that came in a color called Mushroom Cap that was nearly perfect but we did end up choosing something else because we simply liked the pattern better and the color was close enough. It seems everything is a trade off. I included the link in case you wanted to check it out even though I know it's so subjective! That staircase is so fun. I can just picture how grand it will be. Your secret is safe with me, ;) Hahaha.

Anyone painting their built ins - the seat a darker color? I am toying with this. I think it would hold up better than our whitish trim color. Thoughts?

Oh and I forgot to say thank you so much for the pantry ideas and pics! I think we are going to do the shelving after we move in. We decided after the mudroom cubbies that we could indeed do it ourselves but don't want to hold up the build over it so it can wait....a little bit. I am hoping it will be less than a weekend project. In case you all want to check out pantry eye candy I did find this thread the other day and it has some good ideas as well: Pantry Pics

TGIF peeps. :)

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lzhwong- I love your kitchen pendants! Where did you get them?

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amberm145 - VERY cool! You're not alone in the modern club, we're there too. Ours is a mid century modern-turned fake victorian-rebuilt as modern again. Unfortunately there are zero original details remaining for us to work with but we think of it as being a slate that can be wiped clean again to start over.

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We had painters the last two days and they worked some long hours. They are supposed to be here again today. They have to be out of the house today and move into the garage because they are installing our hardwood floors on Monday!

Our doors came out so nice and smooth.

DH says he should be done assembling cabinets today! I cannot wait until they are all stained, sprayed, painted and installed.

Here's the tall corner wall cabinet before he finished it up last night. It will have a hinged door.

This bedroom is full of cabinets to be stained or painted.

DH is finishing up the large pantry cabinet today. Still needs to put shelves and backs in.

I think I have my share of drawers! I think I had a problem with scale when he first started building the cabinets. I have some big drawers for the bottom of my pantry cabinet. I guess I can store lots of bulk items in them.

DH didn't want to discuss closet systems until he was at the end of cabinet making. So, this morning we started to talk. I think we will put a closet system in one of the spare bedrooms that has double closet doors. That closet is around 6 feet wide. The other spare bedroom we plan to just have a shelf or two with a hanging bar because that is a smaller closet. We'll put shelves in the linen closet. But, the one I'm stressing over is our master closet. I have no clue how to arrange a system in there.

Here is our space.

We bought several of these for our shoes but not sure where to put them, either.


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We have been planning our build for 2 years and we are finally starting the construction process, well not quite. They delivered the excavator yesterday and will start digging in a week or so. My son (far left), his cousin and friend are very excited to see the equipment. My son cannot stop talking about the recent delivery and I have a feeling he will watch all the work from our deck (we are building 25 feet behind our current house, which will be demolished once the new house is completed).

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We haven’t been DIY people in the past but are trying to be more. We are going to do our own luxury vinyl plank floors after close plus painting and DH is building our mud lockers plus a farmhouse table, coffee table, and the kids beds. He just built his first table for our school’s silent auction and it looks awesome. I will have to find a pic to post. He is now all gung ho about DIY projects.  I know it will be a huge hassle to have to deal with cabinets after closing, but I can’t see myself paying $5000 for that convenience either. I am going to get a couple of exact, apples to apples quotes to show the builder and see if his vender is willing to come down some.

JDez�"love the roof! Nice shingle color.

Ackshars, so sorry for all the delays. That must be so frustrating when you are SO ready to move in already. It will come soon!

Kellithee, yikes on the gas bill! Let us know how it goes with the overages and hopefully you find some errors!

Robyn, I love your colors! We are also doing a lot of gray. Haven’t finished making all of our choices yet though.  I love the backsplash tile. Perfect with your cabinets! Your spiral staircase is such a great idea. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Indiana_TH, welcome! So cool that you will be able to see everything getting done every day!

We finally had the framing inspection yesterday and insulation scheduled for Tuesday. It feels like we'll never get to drywall!!!

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Autumn, we actually have 2 budgets going. The top end, worst case scenario that we will take to the bank to set up the construction loan, and the more realistic one. Things like gorgeous reclaimed wood floors at $20/sq' on all 3 levels, vs $20/sq' flooring on the main floor, 2nd floor hallway and master, and carpet in the office, guest room & 3rd floor for $3/sq'. Slate counters in the entire kitchen for $6k, vs slate on the perimeter for $3k, and butcher block on the island for $1k. Budgeting based on the tiles MSRP of $20/sq', but having a vendor that will get them for me for $8/sq'. There's a chance the prices will go up, or I won't be able to get THAT tile, so I have to go with a $12 one, or other things I forgot. So I'm hoping that I have enough padding in the official budget that we'll be okay. Although, DH is kind of freaking out at the "official" budget. :)

I'm planning to make my mudroom seats out of butcher block, with a dark stain, on top of white(ish) cabinets. This was a theme in a bunch of mudroom inspiration pics. The butcher block for this will come from Ikea for cost savings. (The island is too big to use Ikea.) I'm quite excited for our mudroom, it's bigger than my current kitchen. It will incorporate the laundry room and a powder room, a dog shower and room for DH to store his bike in the winter (he bikes to work year round). I love the idea of a place accessible from the garage and yard where dirty dogs, husbands and children can be stripped down and hosed off, and the clothes go right in the laundry before they even get in the house.

schicksal, How does one make a MCM house into a Victorian? I'm picturing a low slung ranch with a whole lot of gingerbread? Glad you are restoring it.

Indiana, some friends of ours had a new house built next door to them when their daughter was 4. It was a lot of excitement for her when she got to watch the old house get ripped down, and then the hole got dug. I imagine it's even more exciting for the little ones when it's your own house!

Hoosier, I would try to avoid corners as much as possible. They are really hard to access and become a huge mess. (It's what we have now, and I hate it). So, I would do the standard 2' deep units along the ~8' wall on the right of the drawing, and along the ~6' wall on the bottom. The shoe caddies could go in the bottom, along the 2' wall, or along the 5' wall on the left. Leftover empty wall space I would use for very shallow things, like belts, scarves, jewelery, etc.

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My mudpit, ummmm, I mean construction site, after 1 1/2" of rain last night. At least they're working inside!!!!

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Autumn, Cabinets install is complete now. We just have to live the damaged built in bookshelf now. It is a few cracks and and does not effect the integrity of the cabinet itself so we are just going to have the painter fill it and paint it again. Hope the patch does not show badly. How is sanding and priming going. I think waiting on the shelves in pantry until you move in is a good idea. I wanted the shelves at different height and told the contractor I would get back to him the next day. But when I went the next day they were already installed. I just let it go for now and once we move in we have to adjust something we do it. Good luck with the interviews.

lzhwong, Very nice to see your pendents. I have the same pendants. what is the size of your pendents? Is it the small which is 8.5inch or the medium?

amberm145, Very cool elevation of the house. I am not a very modern house kind of girl but I am liking them more these days. Looks like you have planned the budget well.

Indiana, How exiting for your son. I think it is very cool to be able to get up early in the morning and see the work being done. It will also help you keep a close eye on the crew and catch any issues that might pop up.

Hoosier, No advice on the master closet. We are still undecided on how to proceed here. We may do this after we move in. We did put shelves in the other three bedroom closets (not walkin) I will get pictures this weekend. Your doors look great.

Skyangel, Yes I have been frustrated with things going slowly. I just have to take a deep breath and tell myself that a few things can wait until we move in. My parents will be visiting from out of country for 6 weeks starting April 14th. So that is another pressure for us to get into the house as soon as we can.

In regards to the hutch issue the cabinet company agreed to give free glass shelves and also the glass for all the glass in the cabinet doors. I think this would have costed us about 600 to 800 dollars to do this ourselves so I am happy with the end result here. Now I am hoping the granite install will go well.

The painter is going so slowly that I feel like picking up a paint brush and start painting some rooms myself. I can't be that bad :). Today is the only rain free day of the week so they are doing the concrete in the back patio. Some progress.

edited to correct typos

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robynstamps - WOW!! So much has been done in such a short amount of time! I am glad you are so excited because it makes me feel more normal, ha ha! It's all I can talk about- I bet I'm driving everyone nuts :)

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ladybrowncoat - So awesome! It's nice to have someone who understands!

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I am just SO excited to finally be able to participate in this thread!! We have been moved out of our old house since last May and after months of finalizing plans and waiting to close on the land, we are starting to see our vision rise up out of the ground. How exciting!!!

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Angela - Welcome!! How exciting! I am right there along with you. We are able a week or two behind you. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your upcoming pictures! What part of the country are you building in?


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JDez- thanks for the window info and pic. My husband asked why I was freaking out over the windows. He said ," a standard size is a standard size". I showed him the books on Andersen 400 and "A" series. Their "standard sizes" on their charts were completely different so then he understood why I've been nagging at him to decide on the damn windows. Went to builders house last night with charts and plans and 2 hours later had it all figured out.
FYI I had to buy new tires last week too!!

Robyn- My friend just completed a build on her house that is close to the size of yours. It turned out great! Perfect amount of space. I like your color choices. You are so much farther ahead. I don't have a clue about tile etc!!!!!

Indiana- we are doing the same. Our current house will be demolished when we move into the new one. It's nice to be so close but sleeping in is not going to happen til house is finished. This morning I threw on clothes so I could take care of dogs and throw hay to horses. I hadn't even brushed my teeth when builder and plumber we're walking up wanting to talk- Maybe I'll start eating garlic before bed :)

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Robynstamps -- your foyer reminds me of mine!

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lz and askars- I also have the same pendants if I'm seeing correctly (RH Clemson in the milk glass, polished nickel finish). I chose 3 14" pendants for my 10 x 5 island. What size/number did you go with? I am very curious to see how everyone decided! I have them sitting in my basment storage as we speak (existing house, not the new construction house).

Autumn- YES I am having my benchtop seating done in stained wood, not painted. It is also an arched top so the depth is longer in the center for better sitting, but not so deep on the edges for better passage. We've got all 5 of our lockers in a row so it's a long seating space. I think that it will help stay nicer longer compared to the all painted. I know I have a very small corner bench in my 'mudroom' right now and it takes a beating in white. I periodically repaint it but it only stays nice for about a week before it starts looking beat up again. Perhaps the lacquered finish in the new mudroom will hold up better?

I do not have any new pics, but today I SAW MY CABINETS (what is done so far, which is mostly the boxes). I am SO EXCITED, lol. But I did get to see the locker pieces too, and they look great. I got the width I needed out of them. phew. The other big news is I've decided on sillites for the island electrical. My builder had never done those before and the whole shop was pretty geeked over the sample that got sent. I'm doing them all the way around the island (well, on 3 sides). And I got a door sample of white dove, and it was so odd but it looked completely different than the little chip you get from the store. Anyways, the white dove door sample I have looks gorgeous. I need to get a fresh door sample of Simply White to compare it, but the White Dove does look beautiful with my other choices. Here is a pic of what I have so far, and unfortunately the pic doesn't do it justice. It really looks fresh and just a hint creamy, not dull or dingy. I'll have to bring it to the house to see it in the space. You can see in this pic the swatch next to the cabinet and how different it is.


I have it shown with my backup island choice which is Fiji White Quartz. I'm waiting on a Macaubas Quartzite (Calacatta Quartzite) slab to come in to see if it is long enough and the right background color. That will be my first choice if it does pan out. But I think I will be happy with this white quartz should the Macaubas not work.

Here is what we've got for the master bath:

I forgot the name of the grey floor tile. We're working on a pattern of large format white tile and smaller format white tile for the shower (any ideas?!) with the Sonoma Tile Vihara 1x4 in puka silk for the accent niche (all across the back wall of the shower). I'm tempted to look at the iridescent version for some BLING in the shower. Anyways, The countertop shown is CS Raven, which I'm going to repeat on the ledge of the niche and the seat of the shower bench. Shower floor tbd. Blue paint TBD but shown with BM Smoke.

My next exciting find is a remnant of Lagos Blue for the powder room, which goes perfectly with the Slaty tile in Ochre I have throughout my mudroom, laundry, powder and back closet.


these are only small subway sized tiles- we'll be using 18 x 18 format and these small samples really don't do justice to the tile overall with the variation through it.

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hoosier- I just want to touch your doors, lol. they look gorgeous! I will be following the closet ideas with interest- we have a similarly shaped master closet and I have no idea how to approach it yet.

Welcome Angela and Indiana! So exciting! Do you have floor plans you can post? I love to see the floorplan along with the house to help me visualize the flow better.

WitchDoctor- we went with the Andersen 400 tilt a wash.

Robyn, that's a lot of house! Cool staircases you and Carson.

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illinigirl, Our island size is 8' x 4'2" so smaller than yours and we we bought 3 small RH Clemson pendants which are 8.5" inches in diameter If I remember correctly. We were debating between doing two of the 14" pendents vs three 8.5" inch ones and went with 3. just the ends. When I looked at the pictures I realized that I liked the ones with 3 so went that way.
Your kitchen is going look great. All the elements looks great together.

Carson and Robyn, You circular staircases are going to look grand.

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Amberm- our shingles are GAF timberline hd in Barkwood.

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Wow, lots of great pictures keep coming up. Super jealous of the closet plans. Someday, when we move a bunch of walls around... I think the previous owners didn't care much for closets because they had this huge portal to Narnia wardrobe that looked like it was straight from the '70s.

We have no interesting pictures right now. At this stage of the game in the morning you have walls with white stripes and at the end of the day the walls are smoother with larger white stripes. The guy doing the drywall finishing is awesome and it's amazing to see what he is able to work around. The amount of time required to get it done confirms our decision to not do that part on our own. The only big changes in store for the next few days on our end are priming and painting, then I get to start putting in hardwood. Can't wait for that...

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One month into passing papers and we're a week into framing. The basement and first floor exterior walls are already up.

Special thanks to HobbsFamilyKY for pointing me at the Brinno timelapse camera last month. After a couple days of trial and error, the first results linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: First timelapse video of framing

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Glad to be of help OICU812. Looks like you are moving along faster than us!!

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One more, foyer just about complete with trim. Interior doors delivered tuesday, tile should be completed this week


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Looking great! Are your floors to be finished on site?

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I'm all about not moving things over and over again. I try to find a spot to store things where they can stay until they are needed. DH is just the opposite. He puts things in one location and then has to move them to another location. He's always moving things around. We were talking about where to store all the cabinet drawers until the cabinets are installed. We still don't have our HVAC system in yet. At first I suggested maybe putting them in that area of the garage but quickly said that probably wasn't a good idea as they might still be there when HVAC is installed and they'd have to be moved again. I suggested another area. DH didn't like it. He said he didn't care if he had to move them over and over again. I don't know why he asked my opinion in the first place. :-(

Welcome to all the newbies! I remember all that excitement getting started.

Nine months since we moved down here and started building our pole barn and six months into building our home, we are so worn out. We are so ready for this to be over! Since this is our retirement home, I will gladly say, “Never again!” ☺ However, I get a thrill at watching the construction of other people’s home.

Indiana, what part of the state? We are in SW Indiana. What fun your son will have watching the big machinery. We are living with our daughter and family acres behind where we are building. It makes it so easy to check on things all the time.

Skyangel, when you get to drywall, it’s gonna drag. Just saying. But, I loved once the walls were up because that is when I could feel the space of the home.

Amberm, thanks for the advice for the closet! I agree about avoiding the corners. And, budgets, well they are no fun. We left a cushion in our savings in case we went over. We will be going over but so far we think it will be less than 5% over. But then we had a very detailed spec document for bids. So far, the overages have been because we upgraded several things.

Jackson, nothing like mudpits! Keeping from tracking in that mud is the challenge. We’ve had rain the last two nights so I share your mud pain!

Akshars, I’m sorry about the delays. And, the pressure of your parents visiting, oh my! I hope you get moved in soon. I feel like our painters are living with us. I looked at my calendar yesterday and they started on Feb. 7. They haven’t worked everyday, but some weeks they worked 4 or 5 days. They still have a lot to do, too.

Ladybrowncoat and robynstamps, our lives have been on hold ever since we started our build. It does consume so much of your time. I hope you enjoy the process.

AngelaZ, look at you! Already framing. It is exciting. Can’t wait to see more progress.

Thewitchdoctor, glad you got the windows figured out. We found out pretty quickly about the standard sizes not being so standard when it comes to rough openings for the framers. Thank goodness the lumber company where we ordered our windows marked all the rough openings on our plans for the framers. What did you end up going with? We used Andersen windows in our last home. We really liked them. We had planned to use them on the new house, but they didn’t have the finish I wanted. We ended up going with Marvin Integrity casement.

Carsonheim and robyn, I love your foyers and those circular stairs! Can’t wait to see photos when they are built.

Illinigirl, I like the idea of the benchtop seating in stained wood. Can’t wait to see your cabinets. I love the blues for your tiles!!! Tell me more about sillites. And regarding our doors, they are sooooo smooth. The painter was so happy with how they came out yesterday. He had me feel one door right before their final sanding and last spraying. It felt gritty. Then he had me feel one of the doors that was completed. So smooth. He said if they were in a complete dust-free place, it would be even better. I don’t know how! The cabinet pieces that DH made which had two sandings and sprays look so much richer than a photo can show. I am so happy the painters are doing the cabinet painting, staining and finishing. Not that DH couldn’t do it, but it would take FOREVER!

Oicu, fast work there! Love those timelapse videos!

Autumn, DH plans to put shelving up in the laundry room for my computer area after we move. The other day DH said, we could do closets after we moved in. I said, “Really, where would we hang or put our clothes?” Silly man! I still haven’t decided where I’m going to put someplace to hang clothes to dry in the laundry room yet. You and your DH have got to be exhausted.

Lzhwong, I love your kitchen! I so wanted a sunroom. I envisioned ours to look like yours overlooking the lake. We sit back further from our lake because we are on a hill. I would probably live in your sunroom!

MFatt, did you decide on the TV above the fireplace? I agree about the craning of the neck. We decided to put our TV along the adjacent wall (we put soundproofing insulation along that wall). The ID at the furniture store helped us with a furniture arrangement that we liked so the fireplace would still be the focal point. Plus, the way we have it, I’ll be able to see the TV from the kitchen. Your house is looking great!

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I didn't. I really got to liking the tv off to the side but my husband is back to above the FP. I will let him pick. I don't watch much tv anyhow :) and most of it I watch at night in my room.

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To oicu812,

First you WOW us with a pc (poured concrete) foundation, now you come at us with real fir plywood sheathing over 2x6 framing. I'm watching your build with enthusiasm!

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Hello all! I enjoyed reading the updates above. I have been missing in action lately, I just get SO overwhelmed! I am still second guessing decisions and REALLY ready to see my home with lighting because I am concerned that a few paint colors are too dark.
There is a traditional me and a more modern me and they stay in conflict, lol! The traditional me is drawn toward tans and greens, the modern me is drawn toward grays.

Maggie - I am so sorry to read of the troubles that you continue to have with your build and the stress that I know you must be coping with!

JDez - You are moving right along...have you posted any pics?

Here are a few pics of where we are with things.
The granite will be installed this coming Thursday. Wood flooring is supposed to be in by the end of the week.

Getting nervous about the landscaping being a bigger job than we anticipated, but I know it will be beautiful!

In progress, still needs hooks and top trim piece. The smooth section above where the hooks will go will be painted with chalkboard paint...

It's beginning to look like a kitchen...lots of work to go though!

Hope everyone has a restful night! We are SO ready to have this behind us.

Our lighting allowance turned out to be a JOKE and we are coming out of pocket by almost 4k on lighting!
My advice is to count each and every FIXTURE you need for your home and divide by your allowance. We have 32 fixtures (not including recessed lights) and the total budget was 5k. The necessary recessed lighting and under eave lighting came to 2300, thus leaving 2700 (before even taking into account tax) for the remaining 32 fixtures. It came out to like 80.00 or so per fixture...IMPOSSIBLE! I have already purchased 6 fixtures along the way. Looks like we will have 10k in our lighting instead of 5k. My builder says he will "look into it and see what he can do." I hope he does something because this REALLY ticked me off. I think I am mostly angry with myself for not really analyzing the allowance before signing the contract...

Sorry to vent!

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Isn't it amazing how fast the framing goes up!! so enjoying everyone's pictures.
I've changed 2 things already from really liking what is shared on this site. 1- being the fireplace- i added a surround to the one in the kitchen and 2- I fell in love with the crackle subway tile that was the topic of conversation about 6 weeks ago-im using it as my back splash in the kitchen. thanks everyone for having such great taste and for sharing your ideas!

Stopped by the house today and took this pic. its from the back of our living room-straight ahead is the fireplace- there will be a built in media cabinet to the left of it. To the far right is the sun room-there with be french doors leading into it. through the right arched door way we will have a 12 person table next to the windows. Straight through the left arched door way, in a row, is the powder room, a coat closet, then the pantry. I'm happy to say the house is starting to look a little bigger in the inside :)

We had an awesome find in a cabinet maker about an 1 1/2 hours north of us. we saved $15K -when I say saved, I mean we were over by $15K with the cabinet maker our builder recommended-now I'm getting what I want instead of settling. I am so happy about this I cant stand it. The kitchen cabinets against the walls will be an ivory and will go all the way to the 9 foot ceilings, topped off with a pretty molding. Our island will be stained a dark pecan. I'll post a pic of the outside next...

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here's an updated pic from the outside-(cross fingers) this week shingles and windows :)

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Do I spy a fireplace that's open to two rooms in that picture of the framing???

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Ohhhh my - all those gorgeous pics! I am so behind!

upon-yay, glad you posted, was wondering what the scoop was! Did you remedy your ceiling qualms? I love the elevation of your house, so pretty. :)

pors-we are doing some board and batten in our back entry - I am loving yours! I like how they are not identical but compliment each other. Very cool.

akshars-I hope it paints up no problem. That is awesome news on the glass, a relief for sure as that was costly! I have showed DH a few pics on pantry's and what I am thinking for fear that he might just decide to get started without me there and I am SURE he is not thinking any of it makes a bit of difference (a shelf is a shelf) and that would really tick me off! Sanding is coming. I hope to be caulking by Monday. Crossing fingers! So the interview on Friday - craziest thing I've ever experienced. It was shortened from 4 hours to 3 hours and no I was not interviewing for the FBI or for the position of president or CEO. It was 7 different people and all pre-scripted scenario based questions. Rate yourself 1 to 10 on x and give examples to support your rating. What???? Oh MY WORD, it was intense! I think I was sweating, lol! I left thinking well they probably have a good feel if I am a good fit for them but I have no idea if they are a good fit for me. I asked a lot of questions but it just was strange. Not very conversational and I left not knowing much about the job itself or their expectations for it in spite of all of my questions I asked. They answered in a very broad view, as they are a global company but the job itself is not? Chalking it up to a new experience. Thanks for asking. :)

hoosiers-those cabinets are so nice. Your dh is awesome, love the style and they look super smooth. Very nice. As for the closets, we change our minds constantly on what to do next to keep moving! So the boys rooms will be relatively simple and we will do those right after paint. Our room we hope to do the same but if we wait until move in we do have a portable closet thingy that we are using now as our rental is an older home with very little closet space so we could get by for a teeny but if we waited. But you are right, I don't want all of my clothes piled on the floor! Tired yes but seeing hopefully a very faint light at the end of the tunnel so moving forward!

illini-okay so you totally had me thinking. I wasn't sure how our bench would stain up as we kind of winged it and used birch plywood. I just had stain mixed up to pull a color from our flooring to stain our newel post and corbels and used some on some birch scrap we had and it took just fine. So YAY, I am going to stain and varnish them as I think that will hold up better. :) I like the white dove. I can't wait to see the simply white too and see how different or similar they look with your selections.

mfatt-the blasted TV. Such a challenge. We went back and forth a lot as it solves a lot of aesthetic ? with symmetry and balance just putting it on top of the fireplace but I guess in the end we just really didn't want it there. I'm with you - don't watch much TV myself either, at least not in this stage of life.

schicksal-I think you might be right - bluemoon do tell!

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@pors996 could you tell me which line your andersen windows are? They look beautiful with the trim you are going with!

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Autumn.4 and schicksal- you have great eyes!!
yes another fireplace on the other side-not double sided-our builder told us noise carries through and we are placing TVs on the top of each. Here's a pic from the kitchen into the living room. D room is to the right and the MBed and bath straight to the back of the house.

hope everyone has a great Sunday! we will have temps over 50 for the first time this year :) ahhhhhh!

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Good morning all! I won't even try to catch up but it's good to hear from you uponthehilltop. I have no interesting pics unless someone wants to see our new pipes and The electrician finished yesterday so I will head over there later today and try to clean up a little. I will be spray foaming again where the plumbers and electrician made holes in the walls. Holy cow, I hope it is worth the time and back ache because I really don't feel like doing it. HVAC this week, then inspection. Have a great day!

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@bluemoon- Our exterior elevations are very similar and the interior layout too! We modified a plan from Did you draw up the plans or use an architect? I think your layout is awesome, of course... I am a bit biased!

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Loribug26 - are you moved in? I have a question about your metal ceiling in the kitchen. How do you prevent condensation around the vents? Is there some kind of insulation underneath?

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So we are moving along now. We have basement walls, waterproofing, and rock ready to pour basement slab and garage slab hopefully this week! who knows with the weather lately.

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Bluemoon, Your house is looking great. Yes the framing phase moves fast. I have to say that framing is the only part that I felt go fast in our build and drywall the slowest. Can't wait to see all the fireplaces finished.

Uponthehill, Hang in there. I have been having a lot of doubts also with all the finish selections I made. It will be okay (have to so that to myself also). Your kitchen is looking great. You are moving a good pace.

Autumn, I totally get what you are saying about guys and shelves being shelves :). Very interesting about the interview experience. I think it will take attending a few interviews to get used to how things are being done these days. I have been at the same company for the last 9 years and if and when I decide to change I am sure I will face the same kind of experience.

jDez, You are doing a great job on the foaming and I am open to seeing pictures of the electrical :)

Now to some Progress pictures from us. The Painter worked over time on Friday, Saturday and he was there today also with two other guys and they have made quite a bit of progress. we also have counter top in the kitchen.

So here are some pictures:



Coffer ceiling:

Living room and office room paint

Sons Closet:

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Akshars!!! I am in love with your granite selections! What are the names? Is your island ogee edge?
jDez- Electrical means the fun stuff will happen soon!

We are supposed to be done by the end of April. Hoping for lots of progress this week!

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just have to say....

akshars, can't wait to see your full kitchen reveal! gorgeous!!

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akshars-oh my oh my, that was worth waiting for the pic! That is an awesome space! Wow. Thanks for sharing your sons closet pic too - we are doing some sort of cubes in ours also.

amberm-I forgot earlier - do tell about your DIY beds for your kiddos. Drawers underneath or? I would love to know more in case we get a wild hair and go more diy.

Today - board and batten in the garage entry. So glad we didn't skip it! We were tossing that around due to time and getting impatient. ;)

Excuse the mess - I can't wait until there is no more SAWDUST:

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I received a weird email from someone with the title "How is Your Build Going?" It said they were out of the office, as if I had sent them an email. I haven't sent anyone on GW an email, so if you get one from JDez, DO NOT open it!

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akshars - What is your granite?? Is it Brown Fantasy? Looks gorgeous. Can you take a close up pic? I need something with gray/beige and white. Thanks!!

Everyone else - WOW!!! So many great pics! I am inspired and overwhelmed by it all! We should have basement floors pours this week along with backfill on our basement. I guess framing is after that. I feel like it's going by so fast already! I know that it will slow down very soon. :)

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Akshars - That is some fine countertops. And not just countertops! Wow!

Autumn4 - The detailed trim on the wall was worth every second you and DH spent on it. It looks soooo good!

Hilltop - Your kitchen is looking just like I imagined it would from the plans. I can't wait to see it finished. Neat idea on the chalkboard paint. You just keep a bottle of Boone's chilled at all times and you'll make it through

Bluemoon - I love your sunroom. Show us a pic of the view from those big windows.

Oicu812 - Your house is really taking shape. Cool time lapse thingy.

Hobbs - Nice progress. I love the big open space your building on.

Mfatt - I'm not a TV watcher either. When I have time to watch TV, I'm on GW or looking for an internet deal on something for the new house. And when DH is working, DS has it on Gilligans Island and I've already seen them

Robyn, AngelaZ, & LadyBrownCoat - Enjoy the excitement. I'm still very excited myself but I'm just too drunk to express it. ;)

I'm sure I didn't catch up with everybody but I have to go get some laundry done. Later Taters!

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JDez - I just got the same e-mail, too!!

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Uponthehill, The granite is called "Terra Bianca" also known as "Fantasy Brown" I have seen stores call it a granite or a quartzite. In regards to that edge on the island it is “Ogee with a square edge” If you say Ogee here they do the Ogee with the rounded or bullnose edge. We wanted to have a square edge to match with cabinet door and detail.

JSpan, Thanks for the compliment. Spent many hours on the kitchen and now hoping everything comes as I envisioned.

Autumn, Thanks. Your board and batten looks great and glad you went ahead and did it. I think the molding and details like this add a lot of character and richness to the house. The board and batten actually goes perfectly with your doors 

JDez, Thanks for the compliment. I am really not very confident in my selections so good to hear it is looking good. In regards to the email from someone I too got it. I think it is someone who has turned gardenweb to forward the post to their email and now they are on a holiday and have their auto reply turned on. I could be wrong though so better not open it.

RobynStamps, Yes the granite is “Fantasy brown” or “terra Bianca” . It does have beige, brown, grey/blues in it. It has more browns then grey’s though. Here is the closeup I have now. I can get more tomorrow.

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Weird. I wonder if we all put too much info out there on sites like these ya know?

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