How often do you vacuum ceiling/walls

jerry_njJuly 19, 2011

I've been asked to vacuum both ceiling and walls when doing general house cleaning (my home, but run by my wife). I would argue that vacuuming ceiling/walls is a "spring cleaning" task, maybe even wash the walls and trim, but not something done every week, or even every two weeks.

I think our home is typical as regards the infiltration of dust. Dust does accumulate on the furniture flat surfaces in one week, but I think very little is on the walls and ceiling due to the passage of one week.

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I have a soft, telescoping brush that I use when I see cobwebs in the corners. I wash spots off the walls when I see them.

There is no way I would be vacuuming walls and ceilings on a regular basis!

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Thanks, that's about where I come from. In the past when my wife asked me if I "vacuumed the walls and ceilings" I'd say yes, and all I did was vacuum visible webs and some times I'd run a brush along all seams, at ceiling and corners. I never tried to vacuum the wall/ceiling like it was the floor, where I try to cover all the surface rather I see any dirt or not.

Now, as my wife has some physical limitations I have taken on more housework. This is what brought up the subject of this thread, and my question.

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I cannot see dusting the walls on a regular basis (I do it before painting walls), however, wall hangings do collect dust and need to be dusted at least once a month. I use one of those synthetic white fluffy dusters with long handle to dust wall hangings. Our walls have light texture. If your walls are heavy textured, yes, they do need to be dusted off and on but not weekly.

Remember, when you are not the one doing the housework, it is easy to have more time on your hands and see the little things.

My husband will soon need to do all housework after I have major surgery. I will expect him to dust good (yeah, a wife's expectation but will have to settle for less), vacuum floors, clean bathrooms weekly, keep kitchen clean daily (mop once week). My husband has great vision at age 82, but cannot see what needs to be done in the house. If it requires his effort it does not need to be done. Not sure if this is same with most men or not. We do survive until I can take over the housework again.

P.S. Do dust top of door facings and top of doors because dust does collect there big time and eventually will be black dust falling off. After a year of using house cleaners my house was very dirty including top of doors....yes, loads of black dust fell off when I brushed them with the fluffy duster.

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I have addressed this in another thread. I said, "I suggest to everyone that they occasionally vacuum the walls and ceilings, because they can collect dust." It does not have to be every week. It could be once a month or even longer, like 3 months. You will have to be the judge of it, because some homes will get dustier than others, faster. You probably will have cobwebs earlier though, because bugs will not wait to do their thing.

If you want to see dust on walls and ceilings, just find a black light and shine it on the areas at night. Go into the bathroom and you will find the added dust/fiber from bath tissue and towels.

You can also use a static duster to dust off the walls in quicker time. I would not suggest it for the "popcorn" textured ceilings though.

Another thing to ask yourself also. How often to you vacuum the furniture and mattresses?

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Black light? Yes, I have one. I wouldn't do that if you want a life :') I'm teasing, but it will make you crazy. You can see too much. ya know. I say I don't want to die with a Windex bottle in my hand. That would be embarrasing.
I have a condo and see occasional cobwebs. Thanks for the reminder!!!

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Thanks for the inputs, I have reached my personal decision.
Job, all ceilings flat, most 8' high, living room about 14'x28' is "sunken" making the ceiling about 8.5', all reachable with the vacuum hose (oh, yes, I am 6'6"). House size, moderate, about 2,000 square feet.
1) Vacuum ceiling and walls with a wide floor brush once a year (spring cleaning).
2) Vacuum for cob webs on each whole house vacuuming, between once every week to two weeks.
3) Vacuum floors as needed, daily in the kitchen.

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I have never vacuumed my walls or ceilings. I sometimes use a broom or cloth to remove cobwebs. I'm looking around, my walls and ceiling look fine.

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I vaccuum the top of the ceilings and corners occasionally (when I see them) to remove the cobwebs. About once a year, when spring cleaning, I quickly swiffer my walls. When I say quickly, I mean that - just glide the swiffer over all visible areas of wall space. You really do get some dust on the swiffer sheet. When I have completed the room, I go back and let the edge of the swiffer glide across the ledge of the window and door facings and get a lot of dust. Don't do that first - it will just get your swiffer sheet too dirty to do the walls.

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I only vacuum walls and ceilings when I move... in to a new to me house.

Usually never there after.

I believe, my house is clean.


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I don't routinely dust and vacuum walls and ceilings. If I see cobwebs, I own a telescoping duster and use that. And, of course, I do wash before any painting. Since I paint maybe once in 5 years, that's it! I've noticed, with my grandparents and parents, that, as one ages, either their eyesight fails a bit or their tolerance for a little dust increases. If it doesn't look dirty, don't clean it!

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NEVER! I use a duster for the corners of the walls and corners of the ceiling only, to get the spyder webs. That's it. I lived in my last house 25 years. After moving into my new home I went back to clean the old one. The walls were clean. As a matter of fact it only needed to be vacummed and cleaned where heavy things sat for those 25 years.

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I do (theoretically) the Swiffer thing too every once in a while. There's always some friction on the wall that dust is happy to exploit.

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I remember when I was a kid, Mom did "Spring Cleaning", which involved moving everything out of a room, taking the carpet outdoors and beating it with a club, washing the walls and ceiling with Spic and Span, then returning everything to its' proper place. As Mom got older, she couldn't do this kind of cleaning anymore. As for me, I never do this kind of cleaning. I do dust horizontal surfaces and vacuum floors/carpets once a week. It's "Good Enough". If I see a cobweb, I'll knock it down with a broom. I bought a soft cover for the broom for such ceiling dusting.I could also pin a towel over the broom in a pinch.

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Um, never.

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