Range Hood Terminology for Dummies

jlnjzApril 16, 2014

Please help.....I am totally confused by range hoods, liners, vents, blowers, etc, etc!!! Can someone give me the "for dummies" version of what all of these terms specifically refer to. For instance, my custom cabinet builder says he can provide a liner.....does that mean he is providing eveything I need or do I need a vent and/or blower on top of what he is providing? We are kind of muddling through this on our own and am not sure where to turn for an easy explanation.

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The first thing I would ask him is what you asked us -- what is included with that hood liner?

A hood liner, at a minimum, is an assembly of sheet metal performing the function of the inside part of a hood. It might also include a blower or fan. It could also include lights. Usually it would not include the ducting or roof cap.

A hood is a liner and an exterior usually selected to be visually acceptable. In some cases, particularly commercial hoods, the liner is also its own exterior. Higher-end residential hoods may have different sheet metal inside than outside.

A blower is a fairly general term for an air moving component, but is often restricted to squirrel cage devices and centrifugal devices. Typically these direct the air flow to bend 90 degrees. Fans are nominally axial devices where the airflow is directed along the same path. But I wouldn't try to be too strict about these distinctions.

Hoods and liners without blowers will need a blower somewhere, either in-line in the ducting or on the roof or side of the house, depending on where the ducting exits. Controls for the blower motor will need to be mounted somewhere; a means may be included with the liner or hood.

Best to go look at hoods and liners in stores, review on-line stores that sell them, and visit hood manufacturer web sites, of which there are many.


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