Basement Stair Landing

supergrrl7March 20, 2012

I am in the early stages of sketching plans for our new house. Because our lot is very small, space is at a premium.

I am trying to figure out how much hall space I need to have at the top of the basement stairs to be able get a couch or mattress down them. In our last house, we only had 3 feet and it was not wide enough to angle a couch down the stairs. We don't want a repeat of that problem, especially because there will only be a wall (not a doorway) directly across from the stair entrance.

Any advice would be very appreciated!

I am going to assume 4 feet might still be a problem there will be no door opening across from the stairs. Is 6 feet enough for a standard couch?

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How tall are your ceilings? If you can stand the couch on end without running into the ceiling, it would only need to be as wide (or a little wider) than the narrowest dimension. If you cannot stand it on end, then you would need to angle it around, and that makes it trickier.

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