Cheap store-bought or home made daily shower cleaner???

LibbyLizJuly 2, 2008

So we were using Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner & it was working decently though it was either leaving behind some sort of film on the bottom of the shower curtain, or it wasn't getting the soap residue. I don't know.

I decided to make my own with distilled water & white vinegar. It was a 1:1 ratio, which forced sirens & evacuation of the vicinity when used.


Dear son complained to high heaven & raced through the spraying process. LOL

So I tried a 2:1 ratio (2 c water & 1 c vinegar). Still more complaints & the house still smelled like an Easter egg factory, though not as strongly as before. LOL

Then I found out vinegar can eat away caulking! That's no good. I recently had that replaced!

So I'm back to buying the Tilex, which is all the AFB grocery store I shop at carries, but at almost $4 a refill bottle - OUCH!

Does anyone have a nose-friendly caulk-friendly recipe for such, or know of a cheap store-bought daily shower cleaner???

ETA: I forgot, it can't be bleach because of my lung sensitivity to such.


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We use Arm and Hammer Clean Shower. I buy the big refill bottle. You can dilute it with water when you fill your spray bottle. It works great and doesn't damage the caulk.

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The grocery store I use has the spray bottles of the Arm & Hammer, but not the refills. How much does the refill cost?

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I think I got it at Target, look at Walmart or Target to buy the refills. I bought two of the big bottles a while ago, I really don't remember how much it was, but it is cheaper than buying the spray bottles over and over again. It is the best stuff, better than any other we have tried.

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I looked at a Super WalMart today. They don't have refills. I forgot to look at Target.

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