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wwwonderwhiskersJuly 29, 2011

Hello. We're a few weeks away from moving into a new construction. The floor in most places will be site-finished white oak, and I have a questions.

We're having the home-office on the main floor, and I imagine heavy nasty filing cabinets in there somewhere. Does anyone have any recommendations what is the best thing to put between the filing cab & the hardwood floor? Upside down carpet remnant cut-to-fit? That is my first instinct... please let me know your thoughts, and thanks in advance!

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That's what I would use...or perhaps a piece of that clear plastic carpet protector, if it comes large enough.
Linda c

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I would use a small rug. They make bases for regular size file cabinets. It has wheels and is can be moved when necessary. I have my office in a bedroom and I have a small file cabinet that looks like a nice piece of furniture. If I still had the metal one I would keep it in the closet.

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Please do not put plastic of any kind under furniture or filing cabinets. Plastic can draw sap from the wood floor and make it sticky.

This happened to drawers in my new house bathroom.

Plastic chair mats for office chairs might do the same thing. The plastic mats are o.k. on tile floors or carpet.

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Definitely upside down carpet. Will also be a cinch to move for cleaning purposes :) DH is a carpet installer. I have it under my one filing cabinet in the office :)

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