odour from my bathroom sink

jasleenJuly 22, 2009


I need urgent help.Three days back my bathroom got clogged and water could drain easily.Water was clogged in there for a complete day and then i got it repaired but now its stinking too much.It has been 2 days now that its stinking.What can i do for this?

please help urgently.

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When my drains start to smell, I pour in some baking soda, followed by a small amount of vinegar. It will foam up; I let it sit awhile, then flush it with water.

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Run a lot of HOT water after the baking soda/vinegar has done its' job. The hot water will force anything bad down the drain and dissolve any fats in the line.
My plumber taught me this.

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I do the above but follow with a boiling tea kettle full of water. :) It will work! Same is perfect for the garbage disposal.

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I do much the same, but first I use the vinegar to clean my coffee pot -- then put soda down the drain, followed by the hot vinegar, then hot water. Just did this yesterday because we thought the coffee started tasting "off" -- so now the coffee pot AND the drains are clean!

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