Any great dishwashers with drawers out there?

Zuza204April 15, 2014

I am doing a complete overhaul of my kitchen and buying all new appliances. So far I have chosen a Lacanche Sully 2200 Range (yellow), Miele 36" Fridge and 36" Freezer, and need to decide on a dishwasher. I've always washed my dishes by hand, but use a dishwasher occasionally to wash toddler sippy cups. So my first inclination was towards something with drawers- so I wouldn't waste so much energy running the whole thing. Any dishwasher drawer recommendations? Anyone LOVE their dishwasher?

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Well, I had them but they were first generation and we had a lot of problems with them. I'm sure they're better now. Great ergonomically though.

My current dw (Bosch 800 series) and many others have "autosense" so they use just the right amount of water for the load; some also have a "half-load" option. So drawers aren't really necessary for that purpose.

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This issue comes up every once in a while.

F & P/DCS drawers are not the most efficient.

The premium Miele models have load, soiling, and dry sensors. It adjust for minimum energy and water usage for any given load.

Standardized government test and real world usage are not the same.

TOL Bosch models don't have as sophisticated sensors but have the half-load option.

And you have the option of washing large items as well. The drawers have a poor reliability record particularly when it comes to leaks.

All dishwasher brands have no issues with the majority of their dishwashers and Miele/Bosch also have lemons. But your odds of getting a trouble free dishwasher are better with Miele,Bosch, and Bosch made Kenmore Elite units.

BTW It seems Kitchen Aid has discontinued their dishwasher drawers.

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There's no question regarding which "dishwashers with drawers [are] out there."

The only drawer units currently on the U.S. market are produced by Fisher & Paykel under their brand and also as DCS-branded (which F&P owns).

So it's F&P or none.

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I like that as one drawer is running the other is available to fill so there are never dishes in the sink or on the counter waiting to load.

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Thanks, that's helpful! I might just scrap the drawer idea after all. I really like other Miele products

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I have stacked F & P dishdrawers, with panels. New in 2001. Working perfectly on a teeny bit of Cascade. These do take more than an hour to complete a cycle, but that seems common with today's dishwashers. Take one of you dinner plates with you when you shop to make sure a dishdrawer will have room for it.

I'm curious about why you would hand wash all your dishes. Are you using fine china and crystal that is fragile? Hand washing wastes water and is less sanitary.

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We have the F&P drawers, 12 years old and only problems were a label got sucked into the pump and the lid actuators on the top drawer got misaligned. Fixed both myself. Love them!

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We bought the DCS (F & P) dishwasher drawers, they will be installed next week. There are a few threads on here about the F & P drawers and many seem quite happy with their later models and seems like most complaints were with the older models.

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When I was looking F&P had a 25% repair rate vs 8% for Miele and Bosch
That means 75% are just fine.
That being said, my original Miele was a lemon and received a full refund at 4.5 years and the reason I looked at the drawer option. I bought another Miele and getting close to the 4,5 years and so far so good.

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I have had the FP drawers since last May, and have had two issues repaired under warranty. Took them twice to do one repair correctly, since he misdiagnosed it the first time (he should have asked me!). They don't load that well with my dishes -- okay, but not great. OTOH, my wife's Miele didn't do any better, but my 22 year old GE was great; it will depend on your dishes. We do like the convenience of having one drawer running while the other is available to put dirty stuff in. Cleans very well. We have the model with the water softener, but barely need it.

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