The smell of Dog Urine

lostinitJuly 18, 2010

Have a dog that pissed all over the carpet in a few spots. Used a spot bot which cleaned up the mess and the smell. However, the smell comes out every now and then and even more when we open the drapes to let sun in, the sun and heat seems to make the smell come out more. Febreze don't work. Any tips as to get rid of this horrible smell?

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Ii saw on that Bristish show "How Clean Is Your House?", Fight urine smell with ammonia. They tackled a home where an elderly dog had urinated over and over on a carpet. Pour "sudsy" ammonia in water, whip up some foam, use it to scrub any urine soaked places. When it dries, smells will be gone. Good luck!

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I use Natures Miracle for dog urine odors and it works!!!! You can find it at pet stores, I buy mine at Petsmart. Follow the directions and you'll be amazed. I have also used it on a loveseat to kill the scent of cigarette smoke.

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You might want to go over to the Pet forum and see what people over there recommend. I too have always used Nature's Miracle. There are other similar enzyme-based products out there that people swear by.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pet forum

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graywings is right about the enzyme-based broducts. I had a friend who was a carpet cleaner years ago and used this big syringe which looked like what you would use for marinade injection today. He would poke it through the backing of the carpet and inject the emzyme product into the padding and that would take care of the smell. Good luck. Most Vets will selll U this product.

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