Half sheet pans in a Miele?

gin_ginApril 26, 2013

Can anyone tell me if they fit?

I loathe my current loud,rusty dishwasher, but 1 thing it has going for it is that there is one spot on the far left I can fit a half sheet pan. After looking at the Miele in the store, I doubt it will fit. Yes, I know, I should've brought the pan with me. If anybody here knows, I appreciate it.


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It depends - they will fit side to side but not standing totally upright - they need to take a bow to fit or you can put on the top shelf. It limits how much other stuff you can load into it.

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I have a La Perla II.

If I adjust the middle rack all the way up all I need is about a 10 degree angle from perpendicular for them to fit. It would be difficult to place them and have them stay perpendicular for the entire cycle anyway.

The middle shelf will still fit tall glasses in this position. There is rarely something I want to fit there that won't fit in the middle or bottom rack when doing a load.

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Thanks A2Gemini & Deeageaux. 10 degree angle is not too bad, that's a lot better than I was expecting. Thanks again.

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I just tried one in mine (Futura Dimension). While I can get it in at a slight angle as described above, it will prevent the rotating water-spraying thingy that hangs from the middle rack from spinning. Not a disaster, but probably not good for overall wash quality.

I have a bunch of half-sheet pans and I always wash them in the sink. Lining them, with parchment or silicone mats, is a big help.

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In mine the sprayer will freely spin placing at a slight angle.

I can place perpendicular if I let the sprayer catch.

If the sprayer is prevented from spinning the machine stops and alerts me. It can't continue with the obstruction.

Having said that I always use a silicone mat but sometimes they get dirty anyway.

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