Marshmallow in carpet

marie26July 30, 2006

There are 3 mini marshmallows that are stuck in the carpet. What method can I use to get them out?

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I'd wet a towel and lay it on them to soften and dissolve them and then use a spot carpet foam cleaner of some kind. Marshmallows are water soluable.

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barnmom, I followed your instructions and voila, the marshmallows in the carpet disappeared. Thank you so much! I had thought I'd have to use an iron and paper on the carpet to get them out.

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Good thing you didn't try the iron and paper!

Marshmallows are sugar that has been cooked to one of the softer candy stages. They disolve in water just like they disolove in hot cocoa. :)

If you use an iron and paper, you can cook them into one of the hard crack candies and also carmelize or burn the sugar. It would be a lot like mixing a bit of melted lollipop with carpet fiber and then letting it harden. You could still get it out eventually by disolving it - but it would be a whole lot harder to do!


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I'm glad that worked for you! Yep, ironing it would certainly have created a bigger mess. As a mom and dog owner, I have managed many food-y stains.

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