Sketch of front elevation

kateshomeMarch 17, 2013

Please note that we have gotten rid of the bay window that is still shown in the first floor plan and all windows in the front are single ones.

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Much more consistent and harmonious. How do you feel about the single projecting dormer?

Good luck with your project.

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Where would the dormer go? And doesn't it look like its needing something to the right of the door? The architect drew in a rectangle to show me how low a window would have to be. But if nothing was there I think it would look funny. And then would the window above it look out of place? You are correct though, I think I am obsessing, but I want to make sure it's right!!

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Yes, you are obsessing. You are continually looking at the small space on the first level between the door and garage. No one else gives that area a second glance.

Try ignoring it and focusing, instead, on the lonely, little orphan dormer, that is sticking out over the garage all be itself--there's nothing else on the front elevation that is similar.

Usually "one of a kind" things call attention to themselves. In the case of the entry, that's a good thing. In the case of the dormer, it's just an unfortunate inconsistency. You need to either:

--Add one or more dormers elsewhere to give some consistency to this vocabulary, or;
--Remove it and forget it--the roof of the garage is not a design feature!

If you must have a dormer and some light into the garage, then remove the dormer from the front hip, and relocate it to the right side of the garage hip roof, facing to the right, so as it's not so prominent from the front.

You've eliminated all of the other inconsistent features from your front elevation, and improved the overall harmony and unity, except for the dormer. It's time for the dormer to go.

Good luck on your project.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Ah I see...saw the floor plan so now I understand. I agree with VC....eliminate that dormer....the garage is already so proud of the front facade, which is really what you want to emphasize, that you don't need to add more architectural attention to it.

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Circus Peanut

That corner to the right of the entrance won't look empty at all when you have plantings there - a lovely dwarf tree or flowering bush. Even the best dress might look a little 'naked' before adding jewelry. :-)

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Circus Peanut

PS: what's this piece here? Is there a garage entrance door with a roof over it here?

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If you wanted to give a nod to the :"original" symmetry the main body of the house would have had without the projecting garage dependency (I'm giving the house a made-up history: a house of this style in a historic sense would only look like this after additions)...but if you wanted to give a nod to symmetry, you could do a slightly recessed "bricked up window" of the same size as those to the left of the door, on the right side of the door, or an architrave with closed shutters under it, the same size as those other windows. (If it fits). This was something that was done even at the time the originals of this type of house were built: for symmetry they would put an indication of a window "should be", if for some reason there could not be a real window there.

I agree with getting rid of the dormer on the garage.

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