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lisaj1354April 25, 2013

Due to space considerations, we needed to move the toilet next to the door. I'm not thrilled, but what can you do?

I am talking to my contractor about adding a small knee wall next to the toilet so that nobody falls into the toilet when they walk into the room, but he thinks it's not necessary.

I can't seem to find pics of a toilet next to a door to show my contractor.

I'm open to opinions, discussion, suggestions...and help.

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Is the door on the same wall as the toilet? Which way does the door swing?

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Can you post a floor plan so we understand your problem?

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Here is a very simple rendering of the new bathroom layout.

It is a Jack and Jill bathroom. The toilet has been moved next to the door and we are now debating whether or not to build a knee wall next to it.

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Are the doors pocket doors? If they are regular doors I would think if you have the one by the toilet swing towards the toilet that would serve the same purpose of "blocking" the toilet as you enter the room.

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Yup, I'd make the hinged swing-in entry door a LH-door and omit the pony wall. Let the door be your obstruction since that is your concern.

If you include the pony wall, you'll need lateral code-clearance for the toilet. A minimum 15" distance from the centerline of the toilet to any side obstruction (like the pony wall).

If you really want that pony wall, I'd investigate making the shower an neo-shower. You don't provide room dimensions so this is just a guess based off of your drawing. The clipped corner of the neo might eliminate the choke point between the pony wall and the corner of the shower. If you're building the shower that'll not be a problem, but if you're inserting a pre-fab stall, the dimensions may not work. Just an idea.

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Thanks for your comments!

The room is 9x9 except for the spot where the vanity is. That space adds an extra 2ft to the length of the room. The space used to be a closet that faced the hallway and backed up to the bathroom. I stole it for the bathroom, and I now have a tiny 2ft closet in my hallway, but managed to keep the large bathroom linen closet.

The idea of changing the direction of the door is genius. I can't believe none of us thought about that!

The shower is being built - actually it IS built. Its 4 ft long and just over 3ft wide. Sadly, anything larger would have been too overwhelming for the room.

The toilet is up to code as far as spacing is concerned (my contractor made sure of that), and there is sufficient space there for a pony wall.

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sorry - double post

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