Is your OVR Microwave the same brand as your range?

maries1120April 21, 2012

Discussing appliances with GC and he said it would look best to at least have these 2 appliances the same brand since the MW is on top and will have the look of all being one. I agree but am totally stressed with decisions already that I was hoping to wait a few months on the range but I do need to decide on the MW. I wanted one that has convection so that limits the options and way too many MWs and ranges with bad reviews. Wanting to spend less than $1500 on a range (electric) and $800 max for the convection microwave. Other than holidays I don't cook all that much but still want something reliable - especially in a microwave. Dishwasher I am leaning toward a Bosch and refrigerators I like so far are either a Maytag or an LG.

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IMHO, disagree with your GC. The all-the-same brand-loyalty thing has been dying for several decades. Even the up-scale houses I look at during the "street of dreams" tours have kitchens that are mixed brand-wise. People doing renos, especially, tend to buy appliance-at-a-time depending on what they think is best for themselves.

The other side is that brands certainly DO try to make their stuff go together appearance-wise. I suspect that's what your GC is keying on. If that's important to you, then I yield. Certainly is IS important to many people. But it's your choice.

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Doesn't make a bit of difference, just buy the best Range and best Microwave you can afford, if you buy stainless as long as the stainless is the same type (430/304/316,etc) then they should look fine together. Just make sure the "grain" of the stainless is all going the same way.

I got an NXR range for $1799 and a LG Microwave for $395, so $2200 total and then spent $70 on a stainless backsplash to tie them together and it looks good to me which is all that matters.

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Thanks for the responses!

Nunyaiz1 - your cabinets look about the color ours will be. Dis you put in the floor and if so, could you share what it is? I love how they look together.

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