Replace or repair an old double oven??

jwats612April 3, 2013

We have a non functioning Jenn Air double wall convection oven, which is probably the age our home: 25 yrs.

It is a 27" width, which limits our choices.

It has been adequate for our purposes.

Am I crazy to think about trying to repair it, or smarter to simple start over?

I am concerned about finding a new oven which works with cutout dimensions, spending money on cabinet and ending up spending $3,000-5,000.

On the other hand, if this is useful life, then might as well do it now

Help and would appreciate your opinion

Thanks in advance


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Many will tell you it's time to replace. But I share your concern about finding something that will fit. The first thing you should do is find out if parts are still available - they may or may not be - if not, then the decision is simple. If they are, it MIGHT be worth getting a reliable repairman in to give you an estimate.

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It really depends on what stopped working. Elements are easy and relatively cheap to replace. Burnt wiring takes a bit more effort.

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When I removed the front of our decades old Thermador upper of a 24" double oven, I was shocked by how the (limited) insulation was charred and disintegrated. Could not believe that's what stood between the control panel and the electric oven. We haven't used the upper for years anyway, as the door lock is broken but the electrics still work including the heating coils.

Just something to think about.

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Good news,

The oven has magically healed itself, and I found a local appliance repair shop that will diagnose the problem, if and when it re-occurs for $89--and give me a repair estimate --probably would have time in that estimate to remove it from cabinet enough to measure the exact cut out

I was dreading replacement--

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25 years old may have a better chance for continued use than 10 or 15 if there isn't an overabundance of circuit boards and it uses lots of standard parts.
"Healing itself" after failing to work is sometimes a symptom of circuit boards making poor permanent contact in their sockets. At one time some commercial/industrial equipment maintenance would call for their boards to be reseated on a regular basis to fight this problem. Of course, if not done with a lot of care and caution, much bigger problems could be the result.

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Tim Sutherland

You are lucky, I have a 24" Jenn Air double wall oven set in brick, that is 20+ years old, and playing up. The only replacement I can find is a Maytag.

I'm replacing mine and it will cost less than $1,500 installed. You will spend more in repairing than replacing in the long run. I put a thermocouple in the top oven the oven to see how out is was. Set the oven to 350F and watched the readout - it got as high as 672F before settling down to ~400F.

A 1/4 of a century of service is pretty good for any electrical oven, let it go to the recycling yard.

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Do you have a double wall oven or the oven and microwave combo? Our 20 year old, double, 27" JennAir is an oven on the bottom and a microwave on top. I did a quick search and found only 7 options that would even remotely fit in our cut out, and I am sure some of them would still involve more altering of the cabinetry.

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We have a 27" Oven/convection oven on top, regular oven on the bottom.

I can't imagine why the industry does not work around a common cut out dimension--they would sell a lot more replacement ovens if people had broad choices and no need to do new cabinets.

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jwats - sometimes old and obsolete it better than new. I have a friend who is repairing an ancient Maytag washer as it is one of the few that works on her spinned wool - it is worth it to her.

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the latest symptom is a broiler that works sporadically. One of the above posts suggests that this could be a circuit board that is not seating correctly..would it make sense to replace the board if parts are available? Or, simply have it serviced?

as always , advice welcomed!


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"I can't imagine why the industry does not work around a common cut out dimension"

They do.

This is just an old odd ball.

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