Is Showerguard worth it?

gobrunoApril 29, 2010

Hi all,

I was wondering if it was worth the money to have Showerguard on our frameless glass shower doors. At this point in our build, I don't want to spend a single extra penny! It is about $350 for the Showerguard. Is it worth it? Is there really a noticeable differenc between this and just plain glass?


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I've seen what hard water build-up has done and does on glassware here, and I know that my parents (who live in another state) have complained about their glass shower doors looking terrible because of the build-up. To me, it's worth it.

The company that provided our doors uses Clear Shield (a product they apply) rather than Showerguard (they used to use Showerguard, but stopped--I think they were having some problems with defects?). The shower doors we have are in our guest bathroom, and normally don't see daily use (we are using that shower now while we reno the other bathrooms, but wouldn't be using it ourselves otherwise). Even in a little-used shower though, it seemed like it would be worth the added cost.

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I have Showerguard and it doesn't seem to make any difference. I wouldn't get it if I had it to do over again.

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Hello- there is an extensive thread on this topic; try searching on this forum.

We've had our showerguard glass shower for about 5 monthsa nd I've not had any soap build up yet. For us it really seems to make a difference. That said, we are very diglient about squeeging after showers now and we weren't with out old shower.

Best of luck with your decision!

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It's not a fix-all, but I do believe it helps.

If the $$ was a big deal, then I wouldn't sweat it.

It was our last expense and so we just kept saying "OK, let's not cheap out at the end!"

Ours was less then $200 to add on, though (we had 45 square ft of glass).

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I am toying with the same question and can identify with all that is being said!! My question is: can a consumer do something "worthy" in aftermarket that will save me $450!

Adreadeg- I looked for the thread, but couldn't find it. Any guidance?

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I got it back in 2006, I think? Has it been that long?!

What we have rather than general cloudiness or streaks is lots of tiny little dots of cloudiness, like they beaded up and then solidified. Visible only at certain angles, but pretty impossible to make go away--I've tried lots of things. We have a filter on our showerhead, too, and we squeegee every time (we just have a single piece between tub and shower, so it's not onerous at all).

I wouldn't get it if I had to do it over again. Not all that impressed.

I *am* glad we got Starphire glass--I really like that it's completely clear, not greenish-tint. That, I think, was worth the $$.

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My frameless double doors are around 2 years old now with no spotting and I don't have the Showerguard. My old sliding doors were so coated with cloudiness that NOTHING would ever have removed it (23 years of no squeeging!) :)

I've used RainX three times now and squeegee and wipe religiously. I think that I'd be squeegeeing even if I had gotten the Showerguard, so can't see any advantage in my case.

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gbsim, I was just thinking of some kind of product like rain X. Do you just spray it on? We just decided to skip the Showerguard and save the $450 for something else. We are used to glass showers and we squeegee after every shower; so, I think our glass will be fine. I have found that for really tough water marks, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, takes them off your glass super easily.

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Anyone know where to source a nice squeegee (brushed nickel would be nice) with a long enough handle to squeegee an 8ft glass shower enclosure? Right now I have no way to squegee the top foot or so.

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Bruno, I bought a pack of the RainX-wipes and keep them sealed in a ziplock for extra protection from the air. I've just followed the directions.... I believe it's wipe on til you see a haze and then buff off using some spritz's of water to help get rid of the haze.

Won't help for reaching high, but I love my California Jelly Blade for squeegeeing. Flexible, big, all rubber so there's no clattering if I drop it or throw it onto the bathmat. I got a clear/white one and it's very unobtrusive. Easy to just sweep along and gets the job done in no time.

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When we were looking for our shower doors, I stopped in at which is located locally to us. I inquired about that and the girl there told me they sell something similar to Rain-X that works wonderfully for about 6.00 for a good sized bottle and to save my money.

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I have just put Rain-X on my shower glass. Now I'm thinking about putting it on the porcelain tile shower walls as well. Do you think that would help prevent soap scum build-up, etc?

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We got the showerguard and am happy so far.Anything that helps even a little is worth it to me. If I hadn't have gotten it I'm sure I would be second guessing myself since the whole reason for the shower redo was are horrible, uncleanable old shower door! :)

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The guy we purchased our glass doors from actually advised us to save the money and use rain-X rather than Showerguard.

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Personally I wouldn't use it on the porcelain.... not what it's made for and I'd be worried about what it would do with the grout.

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Yeah, I thought about the grout. I'd have to do each tile individually, avoiding the grout. Not really worth the trouble. I am using the squeegee on the tile as well as the glass, however. I've gotten so obsessed with the glass that by the time I squeegee it and wipe it dry with a towel, I'm ready for another shower!

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Over at John Bridges ceramic tile shower WEBSITE some folks with frame less glass showers advocate using the RAIN X FOAM 2 IN 1 WINDSHIELD CLEANER AND RAIN REPELLENT EVERY 2 MONTHS a can costs 4.50 at Wallyworld and re application is on you.... they said you can get the same affect and not spend major money achieving this look..

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Your digging up a 3 year old post to say something that is not entirely correct. Rainex will NOT stop the minerals in the water from entering the pores in the surface of the glass (yes glass is porous).

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

There was a TV show starring two ladies who cleaned everything with lemons. Wonder how lemons would work on that build-up. Hmmmmmmmmm

Our renovation has some bad build-up for sure, and we are not replacing the tile. There is a lemon tree......

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Millworkman sounds like you should save your money and buy what you really need a WATER SOFTENER... Can testify that my frameless shower with RAINX 2 and 1 looks as good as it did 7 years ago when it was first installed... and it only cost me 25.00 and the use of a T blade squeegee after my shower takes less then 2 minutes...but if you want to spend 250..00 or above be my guest...

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never mind......

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